notes 2

  1. megacolon
    huge large intestine
  2. volvulus
    intestine wraps around itself
  3. adhesions
    connective tissue that forms near trauma
  4. meckels diverticulum
    looks like appendix
  5. diverticulitis
    wear large bowel through diet
  6. ascites
    abdominal swelling
  7. cirrhosis
    • bumps on liver
    • -liver converted to connective tissue
  8. mallory bodies
    indicate sooncellular death
  9. collateral circulation
    • damaged liver shuts off blood flow
    • -blood takes alternate route through rectal vessels, ca
  10. atresin vs figtula
    ends where it shouldnt

    connection where shouldnt be
  11. hepatitis

    which are most problematic?
  12. hepatisis when can D form?
    D can only form during infection of B
  13. types of arthritis
    • 1. rhehmatoid- joint abrasion, aggravation
    • 2. osteo- ware adn tear
    • 3. gout- uric acid crystals in big toe first, grinding at joints
  14. bone
    • -layer formed by osteocytes
    • -blood vessels nourish bone by diffusion
    • -will hemorrhage if broken
  15. spongy bone
    laid along lines of stress, where red marrow is
  16. compact bone
    more solid, white marrow
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