notes 1

  1. dermoid cyst
    attempt of ovum to grow without fertilization
  2. amnion
    inner membrane around fetus
  3. chorion
    outer membrane around amnion
  4. placenta previa
    • -improper implantation
    • -blood vessels cover cervix
  5. acrosome
    • -clear tip of sperm cell
    • -digestive enzymes that erode egg
  6. velamentis insertion
    • -placental blood vessels unprotected
    • -umbilical cord attached at a distance
  7. HPV
    can be cauterized (hot or cold)
  8. chancre
    first leasion of syphilis
  9. 3 stages of syphilis
    • 1. chancre- goes away on own
    • 2. rash- few weeks later, goes away
    • 3. gumma-unpredictable when they show up, large lesions
  10. snuffles
    when baby is infected in utero with syphilis
  11. hutchinsons teeth
    • baby with corgenital syphilis
    • -infected too late to have snuffles
    • -baby recognizes as self
  12. CCK
    hormone encourages bile release
  13. GERD
    gastro esophageal reflex disease
  14. crohn's
    autoimmune attack in intestines
  15. intussuception
    intestine pushes and pulls on polyp
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