BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 6

  1. What allows the movement of influential fluids from one sertoli cell to the next?
    Tight Junctions
  2. The ion and nutrients found in the fluid around the spermatagonia are created by fluid moving through what?
    Tight junctions
  3. Primary spermatocytes gain nutrient from what part of the testis?
    The lumen of the seminiferous tubules
  4. What cells provide a barrier between spermatogonia and chemicals in the plasma?
    Sertoli cells
  5. What does androgen binding protein so?
    Binds testosterone
  6. Where is androgen binding protein produced?
    Sertoli cells
  7. What is the purpose of androgen binding protein?
    In binds testosterone and allows it to be transported to the lumen o fthe seminiferous tubules and have effects there
  8. What binds to testosterone to aid in its transport to the lumen of th seminiferous tubules?
    Androgen binding protein
  9. Sertoli cells send a paracrine signal to what other cells?
  10. Sertoli cells respond to testosterone and FSH and secrete paracrine signals that cause what reponse?
    Proliferation and differentiation of sperm
  11. What cells produce inhibin?
    Sertoli cells
  12. What is the purpose of inhibin?
    Negative feedback to FSH secretion
  13. What hormone inhibits FSH release from the anterior pituitary?
  14. What two areas of the male gonads remove/phagocytize defective sperm?
    • Sertoli cells
    • Cells in Epididymis
  15. Testosterone is required for the initiation of what?
  16. What effect does testosterone have on the Hypothalamus and pituitary?
    • Decreases secretion of GnRH (hypothalamus)
    • Inhibits secretion of LH (anterior pituitary)
  17. What general effect does testosterone have on male reproductive organs?
    Induces differentiation and maintains their function
  18. What systemic effect does testosterone have?
    • After tissue conversion to Dihydrotestosterone=
    • Stimulates Male secondary sex characteristics
    • Opposes estrogen action on breast development
  19. What hormone causes secondary male sex characteristics?
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BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 6
BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 6