Micro Test 3

  1. Vinegar
    Fermentation, sugar is changed to alcohol and gas. The gas evaporates, leaves the alcohol and fruit flavors. Oxygen in the air mixes with bacteria in the alcohol to change the alcohol into vinegar (oxidation)Fermentation takes place in large wooden barrels with holes to for air to circulate. The alcohol is lighter so it rises to the top. At the top, the alcohol comes in contact with air and forms acetic acid. This increases the alcoholÂ’s weight, carrying it to the bottom of the barrel as vinegar.
  2. Yeast
    Used to make bread dough rise and alcoholic drinks. They can break down sugars into ethanol (alcohol) and carbon dioxide. Bread Yeast contributes to the texture and taste. Dough is made by mixing yeast with flour, salt and water. The yeast ferments sugars. The gas gets trapped in the sticky proteins and causes it to rise. The alcohol is converted to compounds that give flavour
  3. Cheese
    The bacteria used to make cheese are generally known as lactic acid bacteria (LAB). These bacteria convert lactic acid to lactate. Examples of these are Streptococcus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus helveticus.
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Micro Test 3