English Vocab List #19 and #20

  1. synonym
    a word with the same meaning as another word
  2. antonym
    a word with the opposite meaning as another word
  3. denotation
    the dictionary definition of a word
  4. connotation
    a secondary meaning of a word
  5. euphemism
    substituting a mild expression for one that might be harsh or blunt
  6. symbolism
    when something stands for something more than what it is
  7. propaganda
    information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation ect.

    typically shows bias
  8. bias
    feeling a certain way towards/about something
  9. fact vs. opinion
    something that can be shown to be true, exist, or have happened

    a true statement (no bias)
  10. opinion
    one's personal view about something (bias)
  11. setting
    the place where something takes place
  12. plot
    the order of events in which a story takes place
  13. theme
    the message the author is trying to send
  14. thesis statement
    the sentence that tells the reader exactly what the essay is about
  15. inference
    educated guess
  16. expository
    explaining something
  17. narrative
    a creative story with a beginning, middle, and end
  18. genre
    the type of literature
  19. fiction
    something that is fake or made up
  20. nonfiction
    something that is true
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English Vocab List #19 and #20