ATPL NAV revision test 3

  1. In a vertical axis gyro at the south pole-

  2. In a horizontal axis gyro at the south pole the drift and topple will be ?
    Drift will be max and topple will be zero.
  3. The min number of satellites required to eliminate gps clock error is ?
    4 sats
  4. The most significant gps error is caused by?
    the ionosphere.
  5. the minimum number of gps sats needed for accurate 3d gps fix is ?
  6. The use of pseudo random code allows each satellite to ?
    Transmit on the same frequency.
  7. The GPS error called GDOP or PDOP is caused by?
    A small distance between satellites.
  8. GPS works on the principle of-
    time difference.
  9. The GPS pseudo-random code allows for-
    Low power operations.
  10. Which out of the two has a higher frequency, the C/A or the P code
    The C/A code civil
  11. GPS receivers can reduce the magnitude of GDOP error by?
    by selecting the 4 best spaced satellites.
  12. In relation to the the background noise a GPS signal is ?
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ATPL NAV revision test 3
ATPL NAV revision test 3