1. allege 미국·영국 [ə|ledƷ]
    It is alleged that he mistreated the prisoners, but there is no evidence.

    (declared but not proved)
  2. avow 미국·영국 [ə|vaʊ]
    Iran is an avowed enemy of the United States.
  3. avouch 미국·영국 [əváutʃ]
    1.His death was avouched by three separate messengers.

    2.I avouch myself as a player.

    • 1.avow
    • 2. admit openly and bluntly
  4. confess 미국·영국 [kən|fes]
    He confessed that he had stolen the money.
  5. disavow 미국·영국 [|dɪsə|vaʊ]
    They disavowed claims of a split in the party.
  6. disown 미국식 [dɪs|oʊn]
    Her family disowned her for marrying a foreigner
  7. disclaim 미국·영국 [dɪs|kleɪm
    She disclaimed any knowledge of her husband's whereabouts.
  8. disallow 미국·영국 [|dɪsə|laʊ]
    • The second goal was disallowed.
    • If we don't like it, we can disallow it.
  9. allude 미국·영국 [əlú:d]
    The temperament of Hamlet can allude to his mindset throughout the play.
  10. intimate 미국식 형용사명사 [|ɪntɪmət] 동사 [|ɪntɪmeɪt] 
    This led them to an intimate friendship

    He has already intimated to us his intention to retire.
  11. connote 미국식 [kə|noʊt] 영국식 [kə|nəʊt]
    This connotes that Libby’s world has suddenly become shaky.

    What he says connotes multiple meanings.
  12. denote 미국식 [dɪ|noʊt]
    Red eyes denote strain and fatigue.

    Tradesmen place a private mark on their goods to denote price.
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