1. scrib/script
    to write
  2. ascribe
    to assign to a supposed cause or source
  3. circumscribe
    to draw a line around
  4. describe
    • to speak or write about in detail
    • to picture with words
  5. indescribable
    that which cannot be put into words
  6. inscribe
    to write, print or engrave on
  7. inscription
    that which is written, printed, or engraved
  8. manuscript
    a document written by hand or typed, rather than printed
  9. postscript
    a note added to a letter after it has been signed
  10. prescribe
    • an order or instruction,
    • a doctor's written order for using a drug
  11. proscribe
    to condemn
  12. scribble
    to write hurriedly or carelessly
  13. scribe
    a writer or clerk
  14. script
    the written text of a play
  15. scriptures
    sacred or religious writings that are regarded as authoritative
  16. subscribe
    to pledge to give money
  17. subscript
    a number, letter, or symbol written below
  18. subscription
    contribution, purchase of a publication or service by prepaying a sum
  19. superscript
    a number, letter or symbol written above
  20. transcript
    a written copy of something
  21. sequ
    to follow
  22. consecutive
    following one after the other in correct order
  23. consequence
    logical effect or outcome
  24. ensue
    to come after or happen as a result of
  25. execute
    to carry out
  26. inconsequential
    having no significance
  27. obsequious
    • fawning
    • obedient out of fear or in hopes of gain
  28. persecute
    to oppress annoy or harass
  29. prosecutor
    person who starts legal proceedings against another
  30. pursue
    to follow, seek, or strive for
  31. pursuit
    the act of chasing or striving after
  32. sect
    a group of people with the same principles, beliefs or opinions
  33. secular
    concerned with things of this life, no spiritual
  34. sequacious
    following in a logical and regular order
  35. sequel
    something that follows
  36. sequence
    a continuous or connected series
  37. sequester
    to remove from public use or view
  38. subsequent
    coming after in time, order, or place
  39. sue
    • to bring a lawsuit against
    • to plead
  40. suite
    any series of similar things, such as a set of linked rooms
  41. suitor
    one who woos or seeks the affection of another
  42. re/retro
    back or backward
  43. recalcitrant
    • stubborn
    • resisting authority or domination
  44. recant
    to retract formally a statement or belief
  45. recede
    to move backwards
  46. recourse
    a source of help, strength or protection
  47. recrimination
    a bitter retort
  48. recumbent
    lying down, prone
  49. rekindle
    to light or start up again
  50. reluctant
    • unwilling
    • not inclined to do something
  51. renounce
    to give up something formally, usually as a matter of principle
  52. repel
    to drive away
  53. retainer
    one who serves a household, a servant
  54. retrace
    to return the same way, to make ones way back again
  55. retract
    to take back or withdraw
  56. retraction
    a taking or drawing back
  57. retroactive
    acting upon or affecting that which is past
  58. retrograde
    moving backward or in reverse
  59. retrogress
    • to become worse
    • to go back to an earlier condition or stage
  60. retrospective
    • looking back on things gone by
    • applying to the past
  61. reveal
    • to make known
    • to expose
  62. revert
    to go back to a former condition or period
  63. ment
    the act, state, quality or condition
  64. acknowledgment
    an admission or notice of receipt
  65. allotment
    a distribution
  66. apportionment
    a dividing or sharing according to a plan
  67. bereavement
    the state of suffering a great loss
  68. bewilderment
    a state of great confusion
  69. blandishment
    something that coaxes of flatters
  70. disagreement
    • a difference of opinion
    • a quarrel
  71. disenchantment
    a state of being free from illusion
  72. displacement
    the act of being removed from the usual or proper place
  73. embezzlement
    the act of stealing property or money entrusted to one's care
  74. encroachment
    the act of making gradual inroads upon, an intrusion
  75. endearment
    a loving word or act
  76. enrollment
    the number registered
  77. harassment
    the act of repeatedly pestering
  78. indictment
    a formal written accusation
  79. inducement
    something that persuades
  80. maladjustment
    a poor or inadequate adaptation
  81. nourishment
    something that promotes growth or sustains
  82. refinement
    • elegance of style or manners
    • improvement
    • polish
  83. resentment
    the feeling of being injured or insulted
  84. accredit (accreditation)
    to ascribe or attribute to
  85. credence
    belief as to the truth of something
  86. credibility (credible)
    capability to be believed
  87. credential
    anything that provides for the basis of confidence
  88. creditable (creditability, creditably)
    bringing or deserving credit, honor
  89. credulous (credulity, credulously)
    willing to believe or trust too readily
  90. creed
    system of religious belief
  91. discredit
    destroy confidence in
  92. incredible (incredibly)
    so extraordinary as to seem impossible
  93. miscreant
    villainous or base
  94. ject
    thrown or hurled
  95. abject
    utterly hopeless or wretched
  96. conjecture
    educated guess
  97. dejected
    depressed, blue
  98. injection
    introduction into the bloodstream
  99. jetty
  100. objectionable
    not nice, unpleasant
  101. projectile
    bullet, missile, something thrown
  102. reject
    say no to, throw back
  103. subjective
    emotional instead of factual
  104. trajectory
    course, direction, flight
  105. vert/vers
    to turn
  106. avert
    avoid by turning away
  107. diversify (diversification)
    spread out, branch out
  108. diversion (divert)
    change in course or path
  109. inadvertent (inadvertently)
  110. incontrovertible (incontrovertibly)
    beyond dispute
  111. invert (inversion)
    turn upside down, reverse
  112. irreversible
  113. revert (reversion)
    return to an earlier, less developed condition
  114. versatile (versatility)
  115. vertigo
  116. cur
    to run
  117. concurrent (concurrently)
  118. courier
  119. cursory
    casual, hasty
  120. discursive (discursively)
  121. incur
    bring upon oneself
  122. incursion
  123. precursor
    something that indicates the outcome or event beforehand
  124. recourse
  125. recurrent (recurrence)
  126. succor
  127. sent/sens
  128. path
  129. apathy
    uncaring attitude
  130. assent
  131. empathy
  132. pathetic
    sad, affecting
  133. pathology
    study of plants
  134. presentiment
    anticipation, expectation
  135. sensational
    startling, exaggerated
  136. sensibility
  137. sententious
    • compact
    • pointed
  138. sentiment
  139. cede/cess
    • to go
    • to yield
  140. grad/gress
    to step
  141. concede
    • acknowledge
    • give in
  142. deceased
    pass away
  143. egress
    passage out
  144. gradation
    classification, step
  145. gradient
  146. predecessor
    someone or something that comes before
  147. regress
    return to earlier way of doing things
  148. secession
  149. transgress
    • sin
    • disobey
  150. unprecedented
    • exceptional
    • original
  151. phil (philo)
    loving, fond of
  152. philanthropist
    lover of humanity
  153. misanthrope
    hater of humanity
  154. philanthropy
    love of humanity
  155. philharmonic
    pertaining to a musical organization
  156. philhellenism
    support of Greece
  157. philology
    study (love of) language and literature
  158. philosopher
    lover of, or searcher for wisdom or knowledge
  159. philogyny
    love of women
  160. mis
  161. audiophile
    one who is enthusiastic about high fidelity sound reproduction
  162. bibliophile
    lover of books
  163. misogamy
    hatred of marriage
  164. misology
    hatred of argument, reasoning, or discussion
  165. misoneism
    hatred of anything new
  166. misandry
    hatred of males
  167. dys
    bad ill difficult
  168. dysentery
    inflammation of the large intestine
  169. dysfunction
    abnormal functioning, as of an organ in the body
  170. dyslexia
    impairment of the ability to read
  171. dyslogistic
    expressing disapproval or censure
  172. dyspepsia
    ifficult digestion
  173. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  174. dysphasia
    speech difficulty resulting from brain injury
  175. dysphoria
    sense of great unhappiness
  176. dystopia
    imaginary place where living conditions are dreadful
  177. dystrophy
    • faulty nutrition
    • muscle disorder
  178. eugenics
    science of improving hereditary qualities in humans
  179. eulogize
    write or speak in praise of someone
  180. euphemism
    substitution of a good expression for a bad one
  181. euphonious
    pleasing in sound
  182. euthanasia
    controversial practice of mercifully putting to death a person suffering from an incurable, painfully distressing disease
  183. euthenics
    science dealing with improving living conditions
  184. greg
    • flock
    • assemble
  185. aggregate
    forming a collection of several
  186. congregate
  187. congregationalism
    a form of Protestant church government in which each local religious society is independent and self-governing
  188. desegregate
    to eliminate racial segregation
  189. egregious
    extraordinary in some bad way
  190. gregarious
  191. segregate
  192. fili, filo
    offspring, thread
  193. affiliate
    associate with another
  194. filial
    of or pertaining to a son or daughter
  195. filicidal
    a person who kills his son or daughter
  196. filament
    very fine thread or threadlike structure
  197. filigree
    • embellishment
    • delicate thread of gold or silver
  198. humus/hum
    • earth
    • ground
    • soil
  199. exhume
    dig up
  200. humble
    • meek
    • unassuming
  201. humeral
    of or pertaining to the shoulder
  202. humiliate
    embarrass, put down
  203. humility
    • humbleness
    • modesty
  204. humus
    organic fertilizer
  205. posthumous
    after death
  206. pend/pens/pond
    to hang, weigh or suspend
  207. append
    • add
    • join
  208. appendix
    added material at the end
  209. compendious
  210. compendium
  211. compensate
    make restitution
  212. dispensable
    not necessary
  213. despensary
    small enclosure or building
  214. dispensation
    allocation of supply
  215. impend
  216. imponderable
  217. pendulous
  218. pendulum
    timekeeping device
  219. pensive
    meditative, solemn
  220. ponder
    think about seriously
  221. preponderance
    great numbers; supremacy
  222. propensity
    inclination, weakness
  223. recompense
    something returned, paid back
  224. stipend
    payment for services
  225. fid/fidel
    faith, to trust, believe
  226. affidavit
    written legal declaration
  227. bona fide
  228. confidant
    close friend
  229. diffidence
    hesitancy; lack of confidence
  230. fidelity
    faithfulness in a relationship
  231. fiducial
    accepted as a fixed basis of reference or comparison
  232. fiduciary
  233. infidel
  234. allude
    hint at
  235. allusive
  236. collude
  237. delude
    deceive, fool
  238. delusive
  239. elude
    avoid; escape
  240. illusion
    false appearance; false belief
  241. illusive
  242. interlude
    pause, break
  243. ludicrous
    absurd, ridiculous
  244. er/or
    • one who
    • that which
  245. abettor
    one who encourages or assists in the achievement of a purpose
  246. agitator
    one who excites or stirs up
  247. arbiter
    one who judges disputes
  248. barterer
    one who trades goods or services for other goods or services
  249. benefactor
    one who gives help
  250. cartographer
    one who makes maps
  251. caterer
    one who provides food and services for an occasion
  252. conspirator
    one who works secretly with others to plan a wrongdoing
  253. dispenser
    one who, or that which gives out or administers
  254. intruder
    one who enters without invitation
  255. lexicographer
    one who writes or compiles dictionaries
  256. malefactor
    one who commits a crime
  257. precursor
    one who, or that which, comes before and indicates what will happen
  258. predecessor
    one who comes before
  259. propeller
    that which moves something forward
  260. purveyor
    one who supplies
  261. stabilizer
    that which prevents or retards an unwanted change
  262. stenographer
    one who transcribes shorthand
  263. successor
    one who comes after
  264. traitor
    one who betrays a trust
  265. ible/able/ile
    able or worthy of being
  266. accessible
  267. discernible
    able to be seen or recognized
  268. exceptionable
    likely to cause objection or exclusion
  269. fallible
    liable to make a mistake
  270. illimitable
  271. immeasurable
  272. indispensable
  273. indomitable
    not able to be subdued
  274. inevitable
    not able to be prevented or avoided
  275. insufferable
    not able to be endured
  276. interminable
  277. intolerable
  278. irrevocable
    not able to be changed
  279. mobile
    able to move easily
  280. ostensible
    having the appearance of being open to view, apparent
  281. pliable
    easy to bend or twist
  282. reparable
    able to be repaired
  283. tractable
    • easily controlled
    • docile
  284. unconscionable
    beyond reason
  285. venerable
    deserving of respect, usually because of age
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