Medical Terminology Week 11

  1. bucca
  2. cheilo
  3. dento
  4. gingiva
  5. glossa
  6. labium
  7. lingua
  8. mandible
    lower jaw
  9. odonto
  10. parotid
    beside the ear
  11. sialo
  12. staphylo
    bunch of grapes
  13. stoma
  14. deglutition
    to swallow
  15. mastication
    to chew
  16. regurgitation
    to bring stomach contents up in the mouth
  17. avleolus
    the socket for each tooth
  18. frenulum linguae
    the membrane under the tongue
  19. oral cavity
    the mouth
  20. hard palate
    the roof of the mouth behind the teeth
  21. soft palate
    the roof of the mouth behind the hard palate
  22. uvula
    hangs from the soft palate
  23. parotid glands
    salivary glands beneath the ears
  24. sublingual gland
    salivary gland under the tongue
  25. submandibular glands
    salivary glands under the lower jaw
  26. submaxillarys
    salivary glands under the upper jaw
  27. ankyloglossia
    "tongue tied" - frenulum overgrown
  28. aphthous stomatitis
    a chancre sore
  29. cavity of tooth (also known as)
    dental caries
  30. cheilitis, chilitis
    inflammation of the lip
  31. cleft lip
    congenital anomaly where the upper lip is split
  32. cleft palate
    a fissure in the roof of the mouth
  33. gingivitis
    inflammation of the gums
  34. glossitis
    inflammation of the tongue (a coating)
  35. periodontal disease
    sockets around the teeth need deep cleaning
  36. Vincent's infection, acute necrotizing gingivitis
    inflammation and death of gum tissue
  37. parotitis
    a childhood disease also known as "mumps"
  38. ptyalith, sialolith
    stones in the salivary gland
  39. sialadenitis
    inflammation of the salivary glands
  40. sialolithiasis
    having stones in the salivary glands
  41. cheiloplasty
    surgical repair of lip
  42. cheilostomatoplasty
    repair of mouth and lips
  43. glossectomy
    removal of tongue
  44. glossorrhaphy
    suture of the tongue
  45. palatoplasty
    surgical repair of the palate
  46. sialodenectomy
    removing the salivary gland
  47. halitosis
    bad breath
  48. esophagus
    • food carrier, gullet
    • the passage pipe for food
  49. phagia
    to eat
  50. pharynx
  51. varix
    enlarged vein
  52. palatine tonsil
    known as just "tonsils"
  53. peristalsis
    the muscle movement that push food along
  54. adenoids
    swollen nasal pharangeal tonsils
  55. peritonsillar abscess, quinsy
    a collection of pus around the tonsils
  56. pharyngitis
    inflammation of the pharynx
  57. tonsilitis
    inflammation of the tonsils
  58. achalasia
    dilation of the esophagus
  59. congenital esophageal atresia
    child born where the esophagus is not attached to the stomach
  60. esophageal varices
    varicose veins in the esophagus
  61. esophagitis
    inflammation of the esophagus
  62. reflux
  63. adenotonsillectomy
    removal of tonsils and adenoids
  64. esophagojejunostomy
    artificial opening between esophagus and jejunum
  65. esophagoplasty
    surgical repair of esophagus
  66. esophagorrhaphy
    suture of esophagus
  67. sphincterotomy
    incision into pyloric sphincter to open it up
  68. aphagia
    can't eat or swallow
  69. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  70. fundus
  71. pylorus
  72. ruga
    fold, crease
  73. sphincter
    encircling band of muscle
  74. pyloric sphincter
    the muscle at the pylorus region
  75. rugae
    the folds in the stomach where acid is secreted
  76. gastric ulcers
    open sores in the stomach
  77. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  78. gastroduodenitis
    stomach and first part of small intestine are inflammed
  79. gastroenteritis
    stomach and intestine are inflammed
  80. hiatal hernia
    something protruding through the hole in the diaphragm where the esophagus goes through
  81. hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, congenital
    baby born with stenosed pylorus
  82. anastomosis
    surgical formation of a passage between two hollow viscera
  83. nasogastric intubation
    to put a tube down the nose into the stomach
  84. gastrectomy
    remove the stomach
  85. gastrojejunostomy
    make artificial opening between stomach & jejunum
  86. gastrostomy
    artificial opening into the stomach
  87. pyloroplasty
    surgical repair of pylorus
  88. vagotomy, gastric
    to cut the vagus nerve to regulate stomach acid production
  89. anorexia
    to lose appetite
  90. bulimia
    to have a veracious appetite
  91. dyspespia
    to have indigestion
  92. hematemesis
    to vomit blood
  93. polyphagia
    eating too much
  94. pyrosis
    heart burn
  95. anus
    • ring, circle
    • the opening at the end of colon
  96. appendix
  97. cecum
    • blind gut
    • where small meets large intesting
  98. colon
    • large intestine
    • ascending
    • transverse
    • descending
    • sigmoid
  99. ileo
  100. melano
  101. procto
  102. recto
  103. small intestine (parts and location)
    • duodenum - proximal
    • jejunum - middle
    • ileum - distal
  104. flexures (the bends of the large intestine and their location)
    • right, hepatic - where the large intestine bends near the liver
    • left, splenic - where the large intestine bends near the spleen
  105. rectum
    the straight part of the sigmoidal colon
  106. appendicitis
    inflammation of the appendix
  107. Crohn's disease
    inflammatory bowl disease
  108. colitis
    inflammation of the colon
  109. diverticulosis
    a condition of the diverticula
  110. duodenal ulcer
    ulcer in the duodenum
  111. dysentery
    inflammation of intestines with blood in the stool
  112. enteritis
    inflammation of small intestines
  113. hemorrhoids
    vericose veins around the anal area
  114. Hirschprung's disease
    congenital megacolon
  115. ileitis
    inflammation of the ileum
  116. intestinal malabsorption syndrome
    faulty absorption of vitamins
  117. intussesception
    telescoping of the intestine (ileum has gone into the cecum)
  118. irritable bowl syndrome
    frequent diarrhea and indigestion
  119. paraenteral
    to inject with needle
  120. volvulus
    twisting of the bowels like a "kinked hose"
  121. appendectomy
    removal of appendix
  122. colostomy
    artificial opening to the colon
  123. diverticulectomy
    removal of the diverticula (sac in the small intestine)
  124. hemorrhoidectomy
    remove the varicose vein in the anal region
  125. ileostomy
    artificial opening in the small intesting
  126. borborygmus
    rumbling sound in the stomach
  127. colic
    spasm of the intestine
  128. diarrhea
    frequent bowel action
  129. hematochezia
    bright red blood coming from the rectum
  130. melena
    blood in the stool or vomit that is brown or black in color
  131. polyps
  132. pruritis ani
    itching in the anus area
  133. cholecyst
  134. choledocho
    common bile duct
  135. ictero
  136. necro
  137. pancreato
  138. spleno
  139. bile duct
    the passage that empties into the duodenum
  140. common hepatic duct
    the passage that empties into the bile duct
  141. cystic duct
    the duct to the gallbladder
  142. gallbladder
    stores bile
  143. inguinal canal
    the groin area
  144. liver
    produces bile, fights against poisons
  145. mesentery
    the blood vessels along the digestive system
  146. pancreas
    produces enzymes used in digestion
  147. pancreatic duct
    empties into the duodenum
  148. acute viral hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver
  149. cirrhosis of the liver
    hard nodular liver (associated with alcoholism)
  150. cholecystitis
    inflammation of the gallbladder
  151. cholelithiasis, biliary calculi
    stones in the gallbladder
  152. pancreatitis
    inflammation of the pancreas
  153. cystic fibrosis
    genetic condition
  154. ascites
    huge collection of fluid in peritoneum
  155. hemoperitoneum
    blood in the abdomen
  156. femoral hernia
    hernia in the thigh area
  157. inguinal hernia
    hernia in the groin area
  158. umbilical hernia
    hernia where the umbilical cord is attached
  159. incarcerated hernia
    hernia is obstructed
  160. incisional hernia
    hernia at site of incision
  161. strangulated hernia
    hernia has blood supply cut off
  162. peritonitis
    inflammation of peritoneum
  163. cholecystectomy
    removal of gallbladder
  164. cholecystostomy
    artificial opening into the gallbladder
  165. choledocholithotomy
    make incision into the bile duct to remove the stone
  166. pancreatectomy
    remove pancreas
  167. pancreatojejunostomy
    artificial opening between the pancreas and jejunum
  168. exploratory laparotomy
    to cut into the abdomen for examination
  169. hernioplasty, herniorrhaphy
    surgical repair or suture of hernia
  170. arterial spiders, spider nevi
    blood vessels are near the surface
  171. alopecia, pectoral and axillary
    baldness on the chest and arm pits, sign of liver damage
  172. caput medusae
    around the umbilical cord area that looks like snakes, sign of liver damage
  173. icterus, jaundice
    a severe yellowing appearance
  174. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  175. ser
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