English April 24, 2013

  1. Introspection
    N. looking into one's own world, mind, etc
  2. Fastidious
    Adj. Difficult to please
  3. Androgynous
    Adj. That which blends male or female traits
  4. Lackadaisical
    Adj. Showing no interest or energy
  5. Obfuscate
    V. To obscure or confuse
  6. Prognosticate
    V. to foretell or predict
  7. Broach
    V. To start a discussion of
  8. Exasperate
    V. To irritate or anger
  9. Pandemonium
    N. Wild disorder or noise
  10. Vilify
    V. To defame
  11. Dissociate
    V. To break a tie or connection
  12. Curtail
    V. To reduce
  13. Animosity
    N. Hatred or hostility
  14. Headlong
    Adj. Reckless or rash
  15. Lurid
    Adj. Shocking or sensational
  16. Nuance
    N. Slight variation in tone, color, meaning
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English April 24, 2013
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