Home Economics - Health Education & Health Hazards

  1. List six guidelines for good health
    1. Eat a balanced diet

    2. Get enough sleep

    3. Do not smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol

    4. Have good personal hygiene

    5. Exercise every day

    6. Think positively about yourself
  2. List four benefits of exercise
    1. Keeps weight off

    2. Keeps body toned

    3. Reduces stress

    4. Keeps heart and lungs healthy
  3. Give fivre guidelines for good mental health
    1. Do not smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol

    2. Think positive about yourself

    3. Talk about problems with a friend

    4. Have some leisure time

    5. Do not have to much stress
  4. List five effects of smoking on the body
    1. Discoloured teeth

    2. Skin becomes wrinkled

    3. Lung cancer

    4. Heart disease

    5. Strokes
  5. What is passive smoking?
    This is inhaling other people's smoke
  6. List three short term and three long term effects of alcohol abuse on the body
    • Short term:
    • 1. Face turns red

    2. Can become aggressive

    3. Vomiting

    4. Lack of co-ordination

    • Long term:
    • 1. Addiction

    2. Brain damage

    3. Mental illness

    4. Heart disease

    5. Liver disease
  7. What effects can alcohol abuse have on a family?
    1. Unhappiness

    2. Separation and divorce

    3. Violence

    4. Financial problems
  8. What are the effects of alcohol abuse on society?
    1. Increase in road accidents

    2. Increase in crime

    3. People not turning up for work

    4. The cost of treating people for alcohol abuse
  9. Where can problem drinkers and their families get help?
    1. Alcoholics Anonymous

    2. Al Anon

    3. Al Ateen
  10. List the possible effects of drug abuse on the individual
    1. Height problems

    2. Loss of self respect

    3. Loss of ambition

    4. Mental illness
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