Pre AP English 11 SAT Word Study VII

  1. adieu
    • (int.) "Farewell!"; (n) a farewell
    • s: (int) "So long"; (n) good-bye
    • a: (int) "Hello"; (n) greeting
  2. advent
    • (n) an arrival; a coming into place or view
    • s: approach
    • a: departure, going away, exodus
  3. apex
    • (n) the highest point, tip
    • s: peak, summit, acme, crowning point
    • a: bottom, nadir
  4. assimilate
    • (v) to absorb fully or make one's own; to adapt as one's own; to adapt fully
    • s: digest, incorporate, blend in
  5. bogus
    • (adj) false, counterfeit
    • s: phony, fake, spurious
    • a: genuine, authentic
  6. exorbitant
    • (adj) unreasonably high; excessive
    • s: extreme, inordinate, overpriced
    • a: inexpensive, affordable, reasonable
  7. interim
    • (n) the time between; (adj) temporary, coming between two points in time
    • s: (n) interval, interlude; (adj) provisional, stopgap
  8. inundate
    • (v) to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size
    • s: submerge, deluge, swamp
  9. malign
    • (v) to speak evil of, slander; (adj) evil
    • s: (v) defame, villify, badmouth; (adj) wicked
    • a: (v) praise, commend; (adj) kind, benevolent
  10. meander
    • (v) to wander about, wind about; (n) a sharp turn or twist
    • s: (v) ramble, roam, zigzag, twist
  11. metropolis
    • (n) a large city; the chief city of an area
    • s: large urban city
    • a: hamlet, village
  12. momentous
    • (adj) very important
    • s: consequential, weighty, portentous
    • a: inconsequential, trivial, slight, unimportant
  13. obstreperous
    • (adj) noisy; unruly, disorderly
    • s: wild, rowdy, uncontrolled
    • a: quiet, well-behaved
  14. pensive
    • (adj) thoughtful; melancholy
    • s: dreamy, reflective, contemplative
  15. perilous
    • (adj) dangerous
    • s: risky, chancy, hazardous
    • a: safe, secure, harmless
  16. shoddy
    • (adj) of poor quality; characterized by inferior workmanship
    • s: flimsy, cheap, tacky
    • a: well-made, solid, superior
  17. sprightly
    • (adj) lively, full of life; spicy
    • s: frisky, peppy, spirited, animated
    • a: sullen, spiritless, dull, morose
  18. surly
    • (adj) angry and bad-tempered; rude
    • s: gruff, sullen, cranky
    • a: polite, gracious, civil
  19. tirade
    • (n) a long, angry speech, usually very critical
    • s: harangue, diatribe, tongue-lashing
  20. vagrant
    • (n) an idle wanderer, tramp; (adj) wandering aimlessly
    • s: (n) drifter, vagabond, hobo
    • a: (n) stay-at-home, homebody, rsident
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