PSYC2120 - Lecture 15

  1. What is stereotype? Which part of CAB is it?
    believe personal attributes of a group of people

    It is cognitive

    French-canadians are snobs
  2. What is prejudice?
    A negative attitude/ prejudgement of a group

    Its an Affect: I don't like french canadian
  3. What is Discrimination?
    Unjustifiable negative behaviour towards a group


    I don't hire bengali people
  4. What is Heterosexism, Ageism, and Weightism?
    • Heterosexism is prejudice against gays
    • Ageism is prejudice against people of different ages
    • Weightism is prejudice indivudal of different weights
  5. Describe the difference between racism in an individual level and within organizations
    Organization subordinate people of a given race, where individually we have a negative attitude towards a race of people
  6. Whats old fashion racism?
    White superiority
  7. Whats modern day racism ?
    Prejudice in subtle ways, so that we avoid being labelled as a racist.
  8. What is sexism? Whats the difference between individual and organization sexism?
    • Prejudice to a given sex
    • Organization only hire people of certain gender
    • While individually you are negative to a particular gender
  9. What are the three types of sexism?
    Old fashioned: Gender roles ( housewife)

    Modern day: Denies it exists, but feel they are getting more then deserved

    Ambivalent: Women are nice, but needs protection
  10. What are social inequalities?
    unequal status breed prejudice
  11. What is social identity theory?
    • We categorize people into groups
    • There is a we-group and compare them to other groups

    We like to see us, do better then them
  12. Whats ingroup bias?
    When we overlook our flaws
  13. How is frustration and mood related to prejudice?
    They are the emotional aspects
  14. Difference between internal and external motivation to control prejudice?
    Simply not to appear prejudice, based on whether the factor is personal or social.
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