a&p ch11

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  1. special senses
    sight, hearing , and balance taste smell
  2. general sense
    heat, cold pain nausea hunger thirst  and touch
  3. 4 types of receptors
    • chemoreceptor
    • photoreceptor
    • thermoreceptor
    • mechanoreceptor
  4. conjunctiva
    covers the exposed part of the eye
  5. lacrimal glands
    glands that produce tears
  6. three layers of the eyeball
    • sclera
    • choroid
    • retina
  7. sclera
    white outermost layer
  8. cornea
    the clear anterior portion of the eye that allows light to enter the eye
  9. choroid
    contains the capillaries that nourish the eye
  10. retina
    contains the visual receptors for the eye
  11. two types of photoreceptors
    • rods
    • cones
  12. rods
    black and white vision
  13. cones
    color vision
  14. fovea centralis
    cones of vision for color and is the area of the eye with the greatest visual clarity
  15. anterior chamber
    filled with aqueous hunos
  16. posterior chamber
    filled with vitreous humus
  17. nerves that control movement of the eyes
    • occulomotor nerve
    • trochlear nerve
    • abducens nerve
  18. conjunctivitis
    inflammation of the conjunctiva aka pinkeye
  19. cataract
    lens loses its flexibility and transparency
  20. glaucoma
    increased pressure of fluids of the eye
  21. hyperopia
  22. myopia
  23. ear drum
    tympanic membrane
  24. three auditory ossicles
    • malleus
    • incus
    • stapes
  25. function of the eustachain tubes
    equalize air pressure
  26. three parts of the inner ear
    • cochlea
    • vestibule
    • semicircular canals
  27. cochlea
    hearing, organs of corti
  28. vestibule
    static equilibrium called macula
  29. semicircular canals
    dynamic equilibruim
  30. nerve impulses concering hearing and equilibrium
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