Women's Health: Breast & cervical screening

  1. Breast cancer is __________ leading cause of cancer in women.
  2. ACS/ACOG Guidelines
    Annual mammo. and clinical breast exam > age 40

    70% found by women themselves
  3. USPSTF Guidelines
    Age 50-74, screening mammo.

    Not recommened before age 50
  4. Sojourn Time
    Interval at which screening can detect a tumor before it is symptomatic

    Age 40-49, 2 years.

    Age 70-74, 4 years.
  5. Timing of mammo.
    Age 40-49 w/o hormones, denser breast. Lowers the sensitivity/specificity.

    Schedule week 1 or 2 of menstrual cycle (follicular phase) when less dense less discomfort
  6. Mammogram
    Screening: baseline in asymptomatic pts.

    Diagnostic: symptomatic - mass, nipple drainage, pain
  7. Symptomatic pt. < age 30
    Palpable lump and/or pain

    Unilater u/s of symptomatic side
  8. Symptomatic pt. age 30-40
    U/S unilateral first, then mammo. (unless done in past 12 mos)
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Women's Health: Breast & cervical screening
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