Principles of Science Chapter 1 -3

  1. What's Newton's first law of motion?
    Objects moving at a Constant velocity keeps moving unless an unbalanced net force acts on it
  2. net force
    A Combination of forces Acting on an object.
  3. inertia
    The tendency of an object to resist a change in motion
  4. force
    Push or pull on an object
  5. balanced force
    Equal but opposite forces acting on an object
  6. negative acceleration
    The acceleration of an object that is slowing down
  7. Positive acceleration
    The acceleration of an object that is Speeding up
  8. Acceleration
    The rate of Change in velocity
  9. Graph
    A visual display of Information or data
  10. Velocity
    A measure of speed Of an object and the direction it is traveling
  11. Speed
    The distance an object travels in an amount Of time
  12. Instantaneous speed
    the speed of an object at one point in time
  13. distance
    A measure of how far an object has moved
  14. displacement
    the distance and direction that something moved from a starting point
  15. Average speed
    the total distance traveled in a unit of time
  16. Image Upload 1
    The formula for density

    •                       mass
    • density=  --------------------
    •                     volume
  17. V = l x w x h
    The formula for volume

    volume = length x width x height
  18. nano-
    The SI prefix for one billionth

    (0.000 000 001)
  19. micro-
    The SI prefix for one millionth

    (0.000 001)
  20. milli-
    The SI prefix for one thousandth

  21. centi-
    The SI prefix for one hundredth

  22. deci-
    The SI prefix for one tenth

  23. kilo-
    The SI prefix for one thousand

  24. What is SI
    The International System of Units, which is based on multiples of ten
  25. Candela
    The SI measure for the intensity of light

    symbol  (cd)
  26. Mole
    The SI measure for amount of substance

    symbol      (mol)
  27. Kelvin
    The SI measure for temperature

    sysmbol   (K)
  28. Ampere
    The SI measure for electric current

    symbol     (A)
  29. Meter
    The SI measure for length and/or distance

    symbol     (m)
  30. Kilogram
    The SI measure for mass

    symbol    (kg)
  31. second
    The SI measure for time

    symbol      (s)
  32. Image Upload 2
    The formula for speed

    •                 distance
    • speed =  -----------------------                 
    •                 time
  33. What is the formula to calsulate average speed?
    • The formulas is:
    •                         total distance
    • average speed= --------------                         total time
  34. Image Upload 3
    The fomula for acceleration

    •                      change in velocity
    • acceleration = ------------------
    •                             time
  35. What is the formula to calculate change in velocity?
    The formula is:

    • change
    •     in     =  final     -    initial
    • velocity    velocity      velocity
  36. What are the SI base units of measure?
    • meter
    • kilogram
    • second
    • kelvin
    • mole
    • candela
  37. standard
    An exact quanity that people agree to use to compare mesurements
  38. Earth Science
    The investigation of earth and space.
  39. Physical sciense
    Thy study of energy and matter that is scientific in nature
  40. Life Science
    The study of living things
  41. What are the three main categories of science?
    • Life science
    • Earth science
    • Physical sciense
  42. technology
    The application of science to help people
  43. scientific law
    A statement about what happens in nature that seems true all the time
  44. Model
    Anything that represents an idea, event or object to improve understanding
  45. bias
    What is expected cjanges how results are viewed
  46. Hypothesis
    An explanation for a question or problem based on what you know and observe.
  47. mass
    the measrement of the quantity of matter in a object
  48. density
    The mass per unit volume of material  
  49. experiment
  50. An investigation that tests a hypothesis by collecting information under controlled conditions   
  51. What are the stpes of the scientific method?
    • State the problem
    • Gather Information
    • From Hypothesis
    • Test Hypothesis
    • Analyze Data

    • Hypothesis   or    Hypothesis
    •     not                 supported
    • supported
  52. Scientific Method
    The steps a scientist follows when preforming an investigation
  53. Control
    A standard in an experiment against which results are compared
  54. Constant
    A condition in an experiment that dose not change
  55. Independent Variable
    In an experiment, the condition that is tested
  56. Dependent Variable
    The condition in an experiment that results from the changes made to the independent variable
  57. Variable
    A quantity that can have more that one value
  58. Scientia
    The latin word for knowledge
  59. List the three way velocity can change.
    • change in direction
    • change in speed
    • change in motion
  60. What is Newton's second law of motion?
    The net force acting on an object causes the object to accelerate in the direction of the net force.
  61. Terminal velocity
    The highest speed a falling objest can reach
  62. Friction
    A force that opposes the slliding motion of two srufaces that a are touching each other
  63. Air resistance
    A force that opposes the movement of objects through air
  64. Sliding friction
    the force that opposes the motion of two surfaces sliding past each other
  65. Static friction
    the force that keeps two surfaces at rest from sliding over each other
  66. What is the formula to find acceleration when force and mass are known?
    • Image Upload 4
    •                          net force
    • acceleration = --------------
    •                            mass
  67. What is the fromula to find force when mass in know?
    Image Upload 5

    net force = mass x acceleration
  68. Gravity
    An attractive force between two objects
  69. What is the law of Universal Gravitation?
    Allow us to find the force of gravity beween any two objects if their masses ans the distance beween them are known.

    Image Upload 6
  70. Weight
    The gravitational force exerted on an object
  71. Centripetal acceleration
    Acceleration toward the center of a curved path.
  72. Centripetal force
    The net force exerted toward the center of a curved path
  73. What is Newton's third law of motion?
    To every action force ther is an equal and opposite reaction force.
  74. momentum
    the product of a moving object's mass and velocity
  75. What is the fromula for momentum?
    Image Upload 7

    momentum = mass x velocity
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