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  1. Balanitis
    Caused by inflammation and infection of the glans penis & foreskin.

    Common in DM, glycosuria.

    Common in uncircumcised - hygiene.

    Dx: clinical appearance, may do cultures

    Tx: If whitish exudate, beefy red denuded skin - tx like candidiasis

    If yellow, purulent exudate tx as bacterial - broad spectrum abx
  2. Urethral discharge

    gonococcal urethritis

    chronic prostatitis

  3. Paraphimosis
    Tight foreskin that cannot be retracted over glans

    Dx: on clinical appearance

    Tx: EMERGENT surgical circumcision
  4. Varicocele
    Most common on left. 

    "Bag of Worms"

    Dx: clinical; U/S of testicle/cord

    Tx: surgical for infertility and persistent uncontrolled discomfort
  5. Testicular torsion
    Dx: u/s assess blood flow; severe groin pain, tender enlarged testicle, absent cremasteric reflex

    Tx: EMERGENT surgery w/in 6 hrs
  6. Hydrocele
    accumulation of fluid in an evagination of the tunica vaginalis of the testis. Defect in closure of tunica.

    Dx: clinical, U/S of scrotum

    Tx: scrotal support, surgical repair
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