Medical Billing

  1. anterior (ventral)
    toward the front of the body
  2. posterior (dorsal)
    toward the back of the body
  3. medial
    toward the midline of the body
  4. lateral
    toward the side of the body
  5. proximal
    nearer to the point of attachment or to a given reference point
  6. distal
    faether from the point of attachment or from a given point
  7. superior (cranial)
    above; toward the head
  8. inferior (caudal)
    below; toward the the lower end of the spine
  9. superfical (external)
    closer to the surface of the body
  10. deep (internal)
    closer to the center of the body
  11. sagittal
    cuts through the midline of the body from front to back, dividing the body into right and left sections
  12. frontal (coronal)
    cuts at a right angle to the midline, from side to side, dividing the body into front (anterior) and back (posterior) sections
  13. transverse (horizontal)
    cuts horizontally through the body, separating the body into upper (superior) & lower (inferior) sections
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