Unit 3 MOD A

  1. After placing a patient on hold check back ____
    Every 30 seconds
  2. always answer a ringing telephone by the ____ ring
  3. "Please hold" is considered?
    not an appropriate initial geeting
  4. what should you do if you are already on the phone with a pt and the phone begins to ring
    ask the pt to hold and answer the second call
  5. how many numbers does the number generally have in a numeric filing system
  6. what does a pathology report include?
    information about the tissue removed during surgical procedure
  7. closed file
    records that are no longer needed such as when a pt. dies
  8. alphabetical filing is the most _____ used filing system
  9. an autopsy report is also known as ______
    pathology report
  10. POMR stands for what?
    Problem Oriented Medical Report
  11. SOAP stands for?
    • Subjective
    • Objective
    • Assessment
    • Plan
  12. what is the simplest numerical medical filing system?
    straight numerical filing system
  13. True or False: When using a color coding filing system in a medical office the color code should be known by everyone in the office who uses it
  14. Radiology Report
    a report containing the results of an MRI scan
  15. what can you use to indicate where a file was removed from the file drawer or shelf
    an outguide, or a peice of paper as a marker
  16. when trying to lovate a missing file you ______ alert the pt their file is missing
    should not
  17. Alphabetic Filing.
    • Divides names and titles into indexing units.
    • for the name Jacob James Jergens III, Unit I would be Jergens, Unit II would be Jacob and Unit III would be James.
    • Numbers are never used.
  18. Numeric Senority Terms
    • Filed before alphabetic senority terms....
    • EX: Jurgens, Jacob James III is before Jurgens, Jacob James Jr.
  19. Nonverbal forms of communication:
    holding one's arems across the chest, frowning, and doing two things at once.
  20. Defensive behavior of Introjections
    adopting the feelings of someone else
  21. A person refusing to see the physician because they fear something is seriously wrong is experiencing what?
  22. The ability to imagine gow another person is feeling is called?
  23. Placing your own feelings on another person is an example of what?
  24. what can affect how people interpret information?
    cultural and religious beliefs
  25. The words 'you', 'us' and 'them' are what?
  26. active voice
    when the subject of the sentence performs the action
  27. Homophones
    • words that sound alike but have two different meanings.
    • 'knight' and 'night'
  28. synonyms
    words with LIKE meanings
  29. VRT is an example of what?
  30. first class letters must not exceed __ oz
  31. Registered mail
    used to send valuables such as jewelry and currency
  32. what is VRT?
    the newest transcription technology which allows the physician to speak into a microphone connected to a computer program that translates the diction.
  33. C
  34. Computers, typewriters, transcribers, word processors are all examples of what?
    transcription equipment
  35. who owns the medical record
    the physician
  36. the patient's responsibility for the medical record?
    • to request a copy of the original if they want a copy
    • to authorize in writing any release of info. from the record
    • a privileged communication which allows the pt. access to the record
    • and to pay for any expensed incurred if the copying of the record is costly
  37. the condition of the pt. at the end of a procedure could be documented by saying what?
    Pt. is awake and responding, tolerated procedure well, or instructions given for home care
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