D.O.G. Week 31

  1. Which is larger, the Gulf of California or the Gulf of Mexico?
    • Gulf of Mexico
    • (largest in the world)
  2. Name the tributary that flows into the Mississippi River due north of St. Louis.
    Missouri River
  3. What is the difference between an island and a peninsula?
    • an island is land surrounded by water and
    • a peninsula is land almost surrounded by water
  4. Does Panama fit the definition of an isthmus? Why or why not.
    • yes; it is a narrow stretch of land that
    • connects two larger areas of land
  5. Can you travel the whole length of the United States on the Mississippi River? Why or why not?
    No; the Mississippi River begins in a lake south of the United States/Canada border.
  6. In general, which has higher elevation, Alaska or Florida?
  7. If you were an avid lake fisher, would you go to Minnesota, Kansas, or Kentucky for your vacation? Why?
    • probably Minnesota because it has the
    • most lakes
  8. What is the capital of Utah, the state that contains the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River?
    • Salt Lake City; the lake is called the Great Salt Lake and is in the northwestern part
    • of Utah
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