ClinMedIII:Common Diseases of the Endocrine System (Intro/Anatomy Review)

  1. What is the definition of endocrine?
    secreting internally
  2. What does the endocrine system help maintain?
  3. Does the endocrine system have ducts?
  4. How does the endocrine system secrete hormones into the bloodstream?
  5. Define hormone
    chemical messanger of the endocrine system
  6. How does regulation of hormone secretion happen?
    self regulation through a negative feedback system
  7. Name theĀ 8 master glands of the endocrine system. PPTAKPOT
    • pituitary
    • parathyroid
    • thyroid
    • adrenal
    • kidney
    • pancreas
    • ovaries
    • testes
  8. The posterior pituitary stores and secretes how many hormones from the hypothalmus?
  9. Name the 2 hormones from the posterior pituitary.
    • ADH
    • oxytocin
  10. What does ADH target?
  11. What does ADH do?
    conserve water
  12. What does oxytocin target?
    • uterus
    • mammary gland
  13. What does oxytocin do?
    • contraction at parturition
    • milk let down
  14. What 7 hormones does the anterior pituitary produce?
    • MSH
    • GH
    • prolactin
    • TSH
    • ACTH
    • FSH
    • LH
  15. What does MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone) target and do?
  16. What does GH target?
    all body cells
  17. What does GH do?
    • growth
    • metabolic regulation
  18. What does prolactin target?
    mammary gland
  19. What does prolactin do?
  20. What does TSH target?
  21. What does TSH do?
    thyroid hormone pruduction (T3 T4)
  22. What does ADH target?
    adrenal crotex
  23. What does ADH do?
    adrenocortical hormone production
  24. What does FSH target in the female? Male?
    • ovaries(follicles)
    • testis(seminiferous tubules)
  25. What does FSH do in the female?Male?
    • oogenesis
    • spermatogenisis
  26. What does LH target in the female?Male?
    • ovaries(follicle/corpus luteum)
    • testis(interstitial cells)
  27. What does LH do in the female?Male?
    • ovulation and corpus luteum production
    • testosterone production
  28. How many hormones does the thyroid secrete?
  29. What are the 2 hormones that the thyroid secretes?
    • thyroid hormone (T3 T4)
    • calcitonin
  30. What does thyroid hormone target?
    all body cells
  31. What does thyroid hormone do?
    • growth
    • metabolic regulation
  32. What does calcitonin target?
  33. What does calcitonin do?
    prevent hypercalcemia
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