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  1. -------- is the health of women of childbearing age from pre-pregnancy through pregnancy, labor and delivery, the postpartum period and the health of the child prior to birth through adolescence
    maternal, infant and child health
  2. maternal, infant, and child health focuses on the health of women from?
    child bearing age and that of the child through adolescences
  3. there are several precursors to high rates of maternal, infant, and child mortality name 4 of those precursors.
    unintended pregnancy, lack of prenatal care, maternal drug use, poverty
  4. for adolescents and young adults most deaths stem from ----------- rather than disease--------
  5. the homicide and suicide rate among adolescents and young adults are up what percentage in the last 50 years
  6. adolescents and young adults account for nearly ------- of all STIs in the U.S
  7. in your notes there are 7 health behaviors and life style choices of high school students that impact their health. provide 4
    • -unintentional injuries
    • -alcohol and other drugs
    • -violence
    • -sexual behaviors
  8. adults in the U.S make up mor than....
    half of the U.S population 

    -adults= 25-64
  9. the most significant risk factors for chronic disease among U.S. adults are:
    smoking, lack of exercise, BMI, alcohol
  10. in the U.S adult mortality is mostly a result of----
    chronic disease
  11. elderly people represent ------- of the U.S population
    12.8 %, 1 in every 8 americans
  12. Ageism
    prejudice and discrimination against the aged
  13. the ------ is the fastest segment of the older population in the U.S
  14. elder women are ------- more likely to be widowed than men
    3 times
  15. ------- of elders pay more for housing than they can afford
  16. there are 5 diseases that are responsible for 2/3s of elder death what are those diseases?
    • heart disease
    • cancer 
    • stroke 
    • chronic lower respiratory 
    • Alzheimer's disease
  17. there are significant disparities in infant mortality rates among black and white americans, in fact the black american death rate is --------- times that of white americans
    2 times
  18. the single most influential contributor to premature morbidity and mortality is.......
    socioeconomic status
  19. cultural competence
    • •A set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system,
    • agency, or among professionals, that enables effective work in cross-cultural
    • situations

    • •Culture is vital in how community health professionals deliver services and how
    • community members respond to programs and interventions
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