1. Yoda from starwars was not created by henson but created by his right hand frank oz

    henson was approached by lucas but because he was so busy he sent oz in his place

    oz continued to play the voice of yoda even after he was computer generated in   episodes 2 and 3

    Hensons Creature shop did 

    Jim Hensons Very own labyrith which he directed
       also produced by george lucas

    Original teenage mutant ninja turtles
    The ape costumes in george of the jungle
    The main characters in never ending story 3

    More recently
    Where the wild things are
    Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
    The tiger in the back seat of the
    car in the hang over
  2. Was a 30 Minute variety show

       Featured many different acts

      Guest starts include

      John Cleese
      Paul Simon
      Steve Martain
      Elton John
      alice cooper

    A lot of characters
      Fozzie – helpless comedian
      Miss Piggy -  the diva
      Gonzo -  the dare devil
      Band – Dr teeth and the electirc mayhem
      Statler And Waldorf – complaining the whole time

    The show became an international
    success almost immediately

       It took until season 2 for it to
    catch on in America
  3. With funding from Lord Lew Grade Jim Henson dream show came to

    A british man

    Started in britain
  4. In 1969 Joan Cooney asked Henson to create and perform puppets for her new kids show sesame street
       Had his hand in designing all the
       Performed characters such as Ernie and
    guy Smiley
       Kermit also had a big role but when on to do other things

    Didn’t want the muppets to be labeled as kids entertainment

    Got a job on snl’s first season with a reacurring sketch called land of gorch 
       was writen by snl and the staff didn’t like sharing the stage with puppets so
    he moved on
  5. Started in 1954 on the junior morning show

    Than offered a job at WRC-TV on a show called afternoon

    1955 offered his own show by WRC-TV

    created Sam and friends

       Kermit the frog was invent here
       wasn’t a frog yet just kermit
       later became a frog after jim hensons
       special the frog prince

    During this time he worked on his muppets in the background

    Had them appear on commercials and shows and their own puppet specials
       Rowlf the dog was the biggest with
       multiple apperances on the jimmy dean
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