Health Unit 4

  1. What are Steriods
    a group of powerful compounds closely related to the male sex hormone testosterone.  The drugs are used to promote the growth, bulk, strength, and stamina.
  2. What are some male side effects of steriods?
    • acne
    • accelerated baldness
    • higher more feminine voice
    • decrease in sperm production
    • aggressive sex drive 
    • impotence development
    • female like breast
  3. What are some female side effects of steroids?
    • acne
    • increase body hair
    • deeper masculine voice
    • decrease in breast size
    • increase in sex drive
    • sterility issues
  4. What are some health risks of health of steroids?
    • liver cancer
    • reduction of HDLs
    • increase risk of heart disease
    • sterility
    • depression and paranoia 
    • HIV risk (sharing needles)
    • increase risk of injury to tendons  ligaments and muscles
  5. What are psychoactive drugs
    a chemical substance that acts on the brain affecting a person's mind and behavior
  6. What is euphoria
    feeling of intense happiness and well-being
  7. What is addiction
    a strong physical and or psychological craving for a substance
  8. What is a gateway drug
    a psychoactive substance that leads the user to try other drugs
  9. What is alcohol
    depressant drug that slows down the activity of the central nervous system
  10. What is a proof
    a measure of alcohol content in the drink (equals twice the %: 100 proof if 50% alcohol)
  11. How much alcohol does 1 drink contain
    1/2 oz or pure liquor
  12. What is nicotine
    • addictive substance in tabacco
    • stimulant drug
    • causes a release of adrenaline
    • makes smoker feel more alert
    • 2 times more in secondhand smoke
  13. What is carbon monoxide
    • picked up by read blood cells
    • replaces oxygen in the blood
    • 5x more in secondhand smoke
  14. What is Tar
    • cancer causing agent
    • sticks in air passages and lungs
    • 2x more in secondhand smoke
  15. Where does marijuana come from
    cannabis plants
  16. About how many chemicals does marijuana contain
    about 400
  17. What is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana?
  18. What does THC do in marijuana
    • produces the high
    • determines the strength of the drug
  19. how much THC did Marijuana contain in 1960s
  20. How much THC did marijuana contain in 1990s
  21. What type of chemical is THC
    a fat souluble chemical and it accumulates in the fatty linings of the body
  22. what is the most fatty organs
    the brain
  23. what is the second most fatty organ
  24. Why do fat soluble drugs exit the body more slowly?
    because they get stored
  25. What type of drugs are easy to get rid of
    water soluble drugs
  26. what part of the brain does THC effect
    Neuro transmitters
  27. How long does it take the human body to get rid of half of alcohol
    30 mins
  28. How long does it take the human body to get rid of half of THC
    72 hours at the least
  29. How does neuro transmitters transmit messages from one neuro to another
    by floating over a synapse
  30. What does THC saturate
    the neuron
  31. What does saturating the neuron cause
    blocks the process of neuro transmitters
  32. what does THC do to the cells
    it makes it difficult for the cell to release the transmitters
  33. What does marijuana do to the lungs
    • THC irritates the lungs more than cigarettes
    • 5 joints irritate the lung as much as 112 cigarettes
    • links to lung cancer and emphysema deaths
  34. What does marijuana do to the reproductive system
    • Men : reduces sperm count and lower testosterone levels
    • Women: lower estrogen level, disruption of the mental system cycle, and fertility problems
  35. What does marijuana do the the immune system
    • slows the rate at which white blood cells (WBC) multiply
    • WBC respond to infection much slower because they are essentially put to sleep
  36. What does marijuana do to the heart
    increase heart rate by as much as 50%
  37. What does marijuana do to the immune system in the long run
    Impairs the ability of the T-cells in the lungs immune system to recognize and eventually fight of infections
  38. What does marijuana do to lungs in the long run
    creates breathing problems and causes high risk of developing of lung and respiratory cancer
  39. What does marijuana do to reproduction in the long run
    • chronic heavy use can interfere with hormone production
    • decrease sperm count in men
    • interfere with ovulation in women
  40. What does alcohol have to do with heart disease in the long run
    increases the risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, ans some types of stroke. Heavy drinking weakens the heart tissue causing scar tissue to develop in the muscle fibers
  41. What does alcohol have to do with cancer in the long run
    • heavy drinking increases the risk of developing certain forms of cancers of the esophagus, mouth and throat
    • has some connection to caner of the colon and women are at a slightly higher risk of having breast cancer if consumes 2 or more drinks a day
  42. What does alcohol do to the pancreas in the long run
    it causes pancreatic which is the inflammation of the pancreas
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