PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Solutions 1

  1. A solution can be prepared from components in what states?
    Liquid solids and gases
  2. What is a solution in physiochemical terms?
    A mixture of solid liquids and gases
  3. What is a solution in pharmaceutical terms?
    Liquid preparations containing drugs or chemical substances dissolved in solvents or ina mixture of miscible solvents
  4. Solutions are what type of system?
  5. How many phases are in a solution?
    1 = monophasic
  6. Genarlly, solutions are:
    Solid dosage forms dissolved in liquid media
  7. Why are liquid oral dosage forms advantageous?
    • Ease of administration
    • Bioavailabilty
    • Better tasting
    • Good for poorly soluble drugs
  8. What are various types of liquid oral dosage forms?
    • Solutions
    • Syrups
    • Elixirs
    • Spirits
    • Aromatic eaters
    • Tinctures
  9. What are Elixirs?
    Sweetened hydroalcoholic solutions
  10. What is the term for a Sweetened hydroalcoholic solution?
  11. What is a spirit?
    Solutions of aromatic materials in alcohols
  12. What is the term for a solution of aromatic materials in alcohols?
  13. What is an aromatic water?
    Aromatic materials in water
  14. What are tinctures?
    Alcoholic solutions prepared by extracting active constituents from crude drugs
  15. What is the term for an alcoholic solution prepared by extracting active constituents from crude drugs?
  16. How many phases does a true solution have?
  17. What is the maximum particle size of a true solution?
    <10 Angstrom
  18. What are the components of a binary solution?
    Solute and solvent
  19. The component of a solution in the larger quantity is the:
  20. When we dissolve solid in liquid, which is usually the solvent?
    The liquid
  21. When we use water as a component of a solution is it considered the solute or solvent?
    The Solvent
  22. What is an example of Solid-solid solution?
  23. What is an example of a Solid-liquid, liquid-liquid or gas-liquid solution?
    Tap water
  24. What is an example of a solid-gas and gas-gas solution?
  25. What is Molarity?
    Moles solute/ Liter solutions
  26. What species should not be in a solution when using Molarity?
  27. What is normality?
    Grams of equivalent/liter of solution
  28. What type of species is normality used for?
    Charged species
  29. What is Molality?
    Moles of solute/Kg of solvent
  30. What is the advantage of Molality?
    It does not change with temperature
  31. What is the mole fraction?
    The ratio of moles of solute to the total moles present in solution
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PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Solutions 1
PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Solutions 1