PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Dosage Forms 1

  1. Previously pharmacists dispensed powdered drugs, what is dispensed now?
    Dosage forms
  2. Describe the release of a conventional dosage form:
    • High initial release
    • Exponential decay
    • Results in cyclic drug concentration
  3. What is the advantage of a drug delivery system?
    Creates a desired release profile
  4. What is a drug delivery system?
    An optimized drug product designed to release drugs in a safe efficacious and reliable way
  5. What are the advantages of a drug delivery system?
    • Fewer side effects
    • Controlled rate of delivery
    • Increased efficacy
    • Constant delivery
  6. When were sustained release products first available?
    Late 1940s to early 1950s
  7. When were controlled drug delivery systems introduced?
    Mid to late 1960s
  8. When were therapeutic systems first introduced?
  9. What were sustained release products designed to do?
    Release an initial therapeutic level of a drug and maintain that level for a long time
  10. What are controlled drug delivery systems designed to do?
    Retard drug release to obtained sustained drug action
  11. What were Therapeutic systems designed to do?
    Optimize drug therapies by improving the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of drugs
  12. What examples were given in class for Therapeutic systems?
    • Transmucosal or transdermal systems
    • Implants
  13. Transmucosal systems, transdermal systems and Implants are all examples of what type of drug delivery system?
    Therapeutic Systems
  14. What is the equation for flux?
    • J = dM/S.dt = -D( dC/dX)
    • M = amount of material passing through
    • S = surface area
    • t = time
  15. The flux approximately equals what?
    The concentration gradient
  16. What is the permeability coefficient?
  17. What is the equation for the permeability coefficient?
    • P= DK/h
    • D = diffusion coefficient
    • K = Partition coefficient
    • h=thickness of the membrane
  18. What are the units of the Permeability coefficient?
  19. What are the units for P?
  20. What is the equation for lag time?
    tL = lag time = h2/6D
  21. What is the lag time?
    The time prior to the steady state of diffusion
  22. What types of Oral drug delivery systems exist?
    • Dissolution-Diffusion controlled
    • Osmotic pressure controlled
  23. What route of administration utilizes Dissolution-diffusion and Osmotic pressure controlled release systems?
  24. What types of GI specific drug delivery system sexist?
    • Delaying excipients
    • Effervescent tablets
    • Colon targeting systems
  25. Describe what a colon targeting system is:
    A pH controlled coating that it insoluble in low pH but dissolves in higher pH’s
  26. What types of Targeted drug delivery systems exist?
    • Monoclonal antibodies
    • Nanotechnology
    • Liposomal drug delivery
  27. Monoclonal antibodies, Nanotechnology and Liposomal drug delivery systems are what general type of drug delivery systems?
  28. Describe the action of Monoclonal antibodies:
    The bind to cancer specific antigens and induce an immune response that results in cancer cell apoptosis
  29. What types of Solubility improving drug delivery systems exist?
    • Self-emulsifying drug delivery systems
    • Amorphous systems
    • Solid dispersion systems
  30. What general type of drug delivery system are Self-emulsifying drug Delivery systems, amorphous systems and solid systems?
    Solubility improving
  31. Use of decaying excipients, effervescent tablets and Colon targeting systems are all what general type of drug delivery system?
    GI specific drug delivery systems
  32. What type of Injectable drug delivery systems exist?
    • Insulin pens
    • Insulin pumps
  33. What type of Inhalation drug delivery systems exist?
    • Metered dose inhalers
    • Dry powder inhalers
    • Inhalation Nasal sprays
  34. Insulin pens and pumps are what type of general drug delivery systems?
  35. Metered dose inhalers, Dry powder inhalers and Inhalation nasal sprays are what general type of delivery system?
  36. What transdermal drug delivery systems exist?
    • Transdermal patch
    • Coated implantable
    • Drug mixed with polymer and contained with membrane
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PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Dosage Forms 1
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