music final

  1. symphonic poem
    is a one movement orchestral composition with a program in a free musical form
  2. Pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky
    composer of romeo and juliet
  3. nationalism
    19th century movement promoting music built on national folk songs and dances or associated with national subjects
  4. The Russian Kuchka
    close group of 5 russian nationalist composers =the might five
  5. Modest Musorgsky
    pictures at an exhibition
  6. Brahms
    devoted his major effect to traditional genres such as string quartets and other chamber music works, symphonies, and concertos. 

    did not make any special effort to pioneer new harmonies or tone colors
  7. Mahler symphony 1
    melody used in symphony 1 was brother john "frere jacques"
  8. mahler
    from Austria and Jewish
  9. whole tone scale
    divides the octave into 6 equal parts-- all of its intervals are whole steps, it yields a dreamy ambiguous sound that Debussy in particular prized and impressionism
  10. tonality
    the feeling of centrality of one note to a passage of music
  11. atonal
    no tonal center is directed
  12. Clouds
    Composed by Debussy
  13. Stravinsky
    first ballet- the firebird
  14. What happened at the first performance of Stravinsky "Rite of Spring"
    audience starting fighting they could not handle it
  15. Peirrot Lunaire
    Arnold Schoenburg
  16. sprechstimme
    speech song
  17. twelve tone system
    by schoenburg as a method of composing with the twelve tones solely in relation to one another
  18. Charles Ives

    nationalist composer

    highly dissonant music
  19. Since Ives was not a professional composer how did he make money?
    insurance company and church organist
  20. Maurice Ravel
  21. Piano concerto in G
    maurice ravel
  22. Bela Bartok
    outstanding nationalist composer of 20th century 

    brought to life peasant folk music
  23. Music for stings, percussion and celesta
    Bela Bartok
  24. Copland
    the chief modernist influence on copland was Stravinsky

    wrote for americans to uplift them during the great depression
  25. Appalachian Spring
    AAron Copland
  26. dmitri shostakovich
    always in hot water with russian authorites because he would play music that was not praising russian and its rulers
  27. minimalism
    music that uses similar melody and repeated harmony and rhythm
  28. steve reich

    music for 18 musicians
  29. john adams
    lollapalooza-something real impressive

    claimed to be worlds best living composer 

    post minimalist
  30. sound complexes
  31. gyorgy ligeti

    lux aeterna= eternal light
  32. percussion
    mid 19-20th century
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