1. What is the kinetic energy of a 1000 kg rollercoaster moving at a speed of 20 m/s?
    200,000 j
  2. If the rollercoaster above was moving twice as fast, what is the new KE?
    Regular mass: 1000 kg
    speed: 20m/s
    800,000 J
  3. If the rollercoaster is number 1 had double the mass and the same speed, what would the kinectic energy be?
    regular mass: 1000 kg
    speed : 20 m/s
  4. Missy Diwater, the platform diver for the Ringling Bros Circus, had a kinetic energy of 15,000 J just before she hit the water. If her mass is 50 kg, what is her speed
  5. 24.5 m/s= v
  6. A 750 kg compact car travels at 100 km/hr and has 3,750,000 J of kinectic energy. What is the KE of the car if it travels at 50 km/hr
    933,500 J
  7. John has a 50 kg object suspended in air, 50 m above the ground. If the object is dropped, how much work will be done?
    24,500 J
  8. Mrs. Jacobs dropped an object from a height of 10 m. What was the weight of the object if it did 50 J of work?
    0.51 kg
  9. A cart is loaded with a brink and pulled at a constant speed along an inclined plane to the height of a seat top. If the mass of the brick and cart is 3.0 kg and the seat is 0.45 m high, what is potential energy of the brick and cart when they reach the top?
    13.23 J
  10. A moving car has kinectic energy. If it speeds up until it is going 4 times the original speed, how much kinetic energy does it have compared to the original.
    sixteen times larger
  11. When the mass of a moving object is doubled with no change in speed, by how much will the kinetic energy change?
    KE doubles if mass doubles
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