World History Test 4-1

  1. What was another name for the bubonic plague
    Black Death
  2. Who made up the middle class
    Merchants and Craftsmen
  3. How often and what were the fairs for
    yearly and for people to see things and buy things
  4. What is a journeyman
    someone who is able to make money from their skils
  5. what is an apprentice
    someone that worked under a master,starter
  6. what is a master
    someone who owns a shop and teaches apprentices
  7. Why were the Italians important
    • They held the trade contracts between the Middle East and Europe
    • Lead to the discovery of America
  8. What is capitalism
    banking, gained money to invest, people take money and buy or start a business
  9. what is nationalism
    people loyal to countries not cities
  10. what was the Renaissance
    Rebirth of classical learning. Emphized man and his brain over Religion.
  11. Heresy
    Teaching against the church teaching
  12. What does a priest do
    gives sacraments and runs the parish
  13. what do cardinals do
    elect new pope
  14. what is interdict
    Excluding regions from receiving sacraments
  15. what is excommunication
    a person is exiled from the church
  16. what is tithe
    10% of income to church
  17. what is canon law
    Laws of the Church
  18. what is curia
    Church court
  19. what is simony
    the buying and selling of church offices
  20. what is hierarchy
    a system of ranking used by the church
  21. what is lay investiture
    someone other than bishop gave the pope office, who had the right to elect popes
  22. what was the Domesday book
    A book used for taxes that was a sencice of Britian
  23. what is a exchequer
    a British tax collector
  24. What is Parliament
    • the lawmakers of England
    • made of 2 houses
    • Lords and commons
  25. what is a diet
    a German word for a council or group of men
  26. What is common law
    the law of England
  27. What did regular clergy do
    followed the regulations of orders.Take the vow of poverty. include priest and nuns
  28. what did secular clergy do
    clergy that work with the world. Pope, bishops
  29. what is the benefit of clergy
    Trial under church not local court if a priest or nun accused of a crime
  30. What country did the Capetian Kings rule
  31. what was the Magna Carter?
    A document in England that gave people the power not king
  32. what was the Holy Roman Empire
    New country made by Germans and Northern Italians  Leader is Otto the Great
  33. What are the two houses of Parliament
    • Lords and Commons
    • now Prime minister
  34. what was the Concordat of Worms
    Diet of Worms agreed that the king could only give fief to the lord, and only the pope can make bishops. It gave the greater power to the Pope
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