Elephant Orphanage

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  1. Where in Africa is this Orphanage? And who runs it?
    Kenya. Daphne Shedrick.
  2. What has recently happened to the sale of ivory? What countries are the biggest markets for the ivory?
    Been legalized for the 1st time in 10 years. Japan and China.
  3. What is the going-rate for a tusk of ivory?
    1,000 a tusk.
  4. According to Daphne, the most amazing characteristic of elephants their capacity to what?
  5. Keepers must feed their elephants how often?
    Every 3 hours.
  6. An elephant will offer his trunk and expect you to blow in it for what purpose?
    To remember your scent.
  7. Daphne has been running her elephant orphanage for how long?
    Almost 30 years.
  8. Daphne loses what portion of all elephants who come to her orphanage?
  9. Elephants must learn to cover themselves with dust for what purpose?
    Prevent sunburn.
  10. Mother elephants usually birth how many babies at one time? How long is gestation?
    Never more than one. 22 months.
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