The Deepest Gold Mine

  1. How deep is the deepest gold mine in the world?
    2 1/2 miles.
  2. Johannesburg, South Africa, sits above how much of the world's gold deposit?
  3. How many gold mines are in South Africa?
  4. The Mponeng Mine has more tunnels than what?
    The New York City subway.
  5. The newly discovered "Reef" deposit underground contains how much gold?
    Over 6 billion dollars.
  6. How long will the new reef extend the life of the mine?
    20 years.
  7. How long does it take to reach the bottom of the mine?
    An hour and a half.
  8. The mine's elevator travels at what speed? For every 100 feet deeper, the rock temperature increases by how much?
    40mph. 1 degree.
  9. How hot is the temperature of the rock face at the bottom of the mine?
    150 degrees F
  10. During a blast, how do the miners prevent their ear drums from bursting?
    Keeping their mouths open.
  11. How many feet is the tunnel advanced with each blast?
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