How Our States Got Their Shapes

  1. Pennsylvania got a Northwest corner "notch" for access to what?
    Lake Erie.
  2. Why is Las Vegas where it is?
    Provide access to the Colorado River
  3. Thomas Jefferson proposed a plan for the Midwest to be divided into what?
    10 equal states.
  4. In Derby Lane, Vermont, what cuts the town in two?
    The border with Canada
  5. Since 9/11, residents of this town on both sides of the border cannot do what anymore?
    Walk across the border.
  6. In 1763, who "arbitrarily" drew Vermont's northern boundary?
    King George III
  7. During the American Revolution, Vermont belonged to what state?
    New York
  8. In the 1780s what "state" lasted only 4 years? And to what modern state did it belong?
    Franklin, Tennesse
  9. The "Republic of Texas" originally "reached all the way up to" what modern state?
  10. How long was Texas an "independent Republic"
    9 years.
  11. Congress wanted to break up Texas into how many states?
  12. Texas, NOT congress had the power to create its own shape. What other state got to do likewise because of its control of gold?
  13. The "State of Jefferson" was drawn around WHAT discovery in 1858? What state did it become?
    Gold. Colorado.
  14. What transportation set the shapes of more western states than anything else? What two states were "Short and wide" because of it:
    Trains. Kansas and Nebraska.
  15. Train transportation meant water access wasn't necessary and "without the need for water access, western states got ____"
  16. What state had an area officially known as "No Man's Land"
  17. When first discovered, Colorado's gold area belonged to what other state?
  18. Kansas, Nebraska, and Washington all gave up the ends of their states for what reason?
    They didn't want the prospectors in their states.
  19. Congress made the western states "boxy" was that "all states should be created...."
  20. Idaho and Montana were originally "Idaho territory" but were split in 1863 along what geographic feature?
    Bitterroot Mountains
  21. Notches are often the result of what?
    Mountains and water.
  22. Missouri has a southern "boot heel" because rich landowner John Walker did what?
    Wanted to be in Missouri, not Arkansas. He paid off Congress.
  23. Massachusetts gave up a snip of its southwest edge to new york because the town of Boston Corner there was a haven for...
  24. How recently did New York and New Jersey fight in court for control of Ellis Island?
  25. The newer "Landfill" part of Ellis Island went to which state?
    New Jersey.
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