Music - Dance Music

  1. Waltz
    • Ballrooms of Vienna, Austria
    • First written in 1790's
    • 3/4, Oom Cha Cha
    • Homophonic, strong tune backed by chords
    • Simple chords, same for at least one bar
    • Ballroom hold, turning
    • Viennese waltz's were played by large orchestras and were popular in the Romantic period
    • Strauss and Brahms
  2. Salsa
    • Cuban Son and New York Jazz
    • Claves play the basic rhythm 
    • Other rhythm section instruments play syncopated rhythms
    • Front line plays the tune - trumpets and horns
    • Vocals are done by lead singers and choir - call and response
    • Strings and piano play accompaniment
    • Lots of cross-rhythms and polyrhythms
    • Closed-position on the spot. Breaks for improvisation. 2 quick and 1 slow
  3. Tango
    • Buenos Aires in Argentina in the bars and brothels
    • Then moved to cabarets and dance halls
    • Bands included: flute, violin, guitar  double bass and bandonean as well as percussian
    • 2/4 or 4/4
    • Staccato, dotted rhythms and syncopation
    • Dance in a pair often entwining legs
    • Improvised around basic steps to show off
  4. Country and Western - Line Dance
    • Influenced by European immigrants to the USA, similarities to European folk dances
    • Played by a folk band: fiddle, banjo, mandolin, accordion, harmonica and double bass
    • Clear sections with lots of repetition and memorable tunes
    • Moderate tempo and strong beats
    • 4/4
    • Billy Ray Cyrus
    • Group dance, grapevine and shuffle step
  5. Irish Jigs and Reels
    • Played on: fiddle, wooden flutes, tin whistle, accordion, guitar and percussion
    • Strong regular beat emphasised on 1, quite fast
    • Clear phrases of question and answer. Two 8 bar sections each played twice
    • Simple harmonies
    • For celebrations, weddings, fairs and performances
    • Complicated foot-work and top body still

    • Reels
    • 2/2 or 4/4, accenting 1 and 3
    • Straight quavers, quite quick 

    • Jigs
    • 6/8
    • Lively and fast
  6. Bhangra
    • Folk music from the Punjab region played at harvest time
    • Chaal rhythm is played on the Dhol drum - 8 note repeated pattern, quavers are swung
    • Sitar plays melody and drone
    • Mixed with western pop in the UK in the 70s and 80s
    • Uses sampling, remixes, drum machines and synths
  7. Disco
    • Started in nightclubs in USA in 1970's
    • 4/4 at 120bpm
    • Simple beats
    • Intro, V-C-V-M8-V-C, outro
    • Catchy hook, phrase or tune
    • Electric guitar; 1 for lead and 1 for rhythm
    • Bass guitar plays short riffs
    • Drum kit/machine; 4 on the floor, snare on 2&4
    • Danced on their own to show off
    • Donna Summer and the BeeGees
  8. Club Dance
    • Started in Chicago
    • Mixing, Scratching, Sampling, Looping, Sequencing and Synths
    • House: 4/4 and lots of repitition
    • Techno: 130-150bpm, fast and hard beat
    • Drum 'n' Bass: 170bpm, strong drums and bass line
    • Fatboy Slim and Calvin Harris
    • Jumping and waving arms
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