1. collective term for fixed oil, fats and waxes
  2. yellow color of fat is due to what substance?
  3. acridity is do to what substance?
    acrolein (propenal)
  4. kins of lipids
    • simple
    • compound
    • derived
  5. ester of fatty acid and alcohol
    simple lipid
  6. ester of fatty acid and glycerol
    fat/fixed oil
  7. ester of fatty acid and alcohol HMW
  8. ester of fatty acid, alcohol and another compound
    compound lipids
  9. product of simple and compound lipids upon hydrolysis
  10. ricinoleic acid and dihydroxysteaaric acid are present in?
  11. cerebronic is to phrenosin. true or false?
  12. chaulmoogra, chaulmoogric and hydnocarpic are used for what disease?
  13. metallic salt of fatty acid
  14. what type of soap is K soap?
    soft soap
  15. what type of soap is Na soap?
    hard soap
  16. also known as trihydric alcohol
  17. types of triacylglycerols
    • simple
    • mixed
  18. classification of fats and fixed oils
    • non drying oils
    • semi drying oils
    • drying oils
  19. fats and fixed oils with more oleic acid
    non drying oils
  20. example of non drying oils
    • coconut oil
    • peanut oil
    • olive oil
  21. more of oleic acid and linoleic acid
    semi drying oil
  22. example of semi drying oil
    • corn
    • cotton seed
    • wheat
    • sesame
    • soy bean
  23. more linoleic and linolenic acid
    drying oils
  24. example of drying oils
    • linseed
    • sunflower poppyseed
  25. indicates amount of free fatty acid
    acid number
  26. indicated degree of unsaturation
    iodine number
  27. indicates saponification of ester
    saponification number
  28. it is the hydrolysis of fats and fixed oils
  29. elaeis guineenss
    scientific name for palm (palm oil)
  30. Olea europaea
    olive (olive oil)
  31. use of olive oil
    • pharmaceutical aid
    • dental setting retardant
    • demulcent
    • laxative emollient
  32. olive oil grades of purity
    • 1st grade virgin oil
    • 2nd grade virgin oil
    • technical oil
    • sulfur olive oil
    • tournant oil
  33. Arachis hypogaea
    peanut (peanut oil)
  34. synergist for pyrethrum insecticide
  35. Prunus amygdalus
    almond (almond oil)
  36. Prunus armeniaca
    persic oil
  37. other term for persic oil
    apricot kernel oil
  38. use of corn oil
    • solvent for injection
    • solvent for irradiated ergosterol
    • ingredient of high calorie dietary supplement and enteral nutrition therapy
  39. Carthamus tinctorius
    safflower (safflower oil)
  40. use of safflower oil
    • cooking oil
    • salad oil
  41. Helianthus annuus
    sunflower oil
  42. also known as canola oil
    rapeseed oil
  43. other name of linseed oil
    flaxseed oil
  44. use of flaxseed oil
    • for edible purposes
    • paint and varnish industry
  45. Gadus morrhua
    cod liver oil
  46. Ovis aries
  47. lanolin is what type of ointment base?
    water absorbable ointment base
  48. Physeter macrocephalus
  49. use of spermacetti
    • emmolient
    • ingredient in cold cream
  50. substitute for spermacetti
    • cetyl ester wax
    • hydrogenated jojoba oil
  51. Simmondsia chinesis
    jojoba oil
  52. Apis mellifera
    beeswax/yellow wax
  53. Copernicia prunifera
    carnuba wax
  54. use of carnauba wax
    manufacture of candle, wax varnishes, polishes
  55. substitute for beeswax
    carnauba wax
  56. a type of prostaglandin that stimulates constriction and clotting of platelets
  57. a type of prostaglandin that causes uterine contraction and induce labor
  58. classified under prostaglandin that stimulates contraction of gravid uterus similar to the contractions of full term uterus at labor
  59. classified under prostaglandin that used as uterine stimulant and approved for termination of 2nd trimester of pregnancy
  60. classified under prostaglandin that produces vasodilation, inihibit platelet aggregation and stimulate intestine and uterine smooth muscle
  61. drug used for palliative therapy to maintain temporarily neonates with patent ductus arteriosus and congenital heart defects that restric pulmonary/systemic blood flow
  62. classified under prostaglandin that inhibit gastric acid secretion and can cause abortion
  63. prostaglandin drug that taken orally in patient that are at high risk for developing ulcer during NSAID therapy
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