Words Unknown 1-10

  1. perforate
    v. pierce; put a hole through
  2. bellicose
    adj. combative; militant
  3. tenuous
    adj. thin; rare; slim
  4. humdrum
    adj. dull
  5. pellucid
    adj. transparent; limpid; easy to understand
  6. bucolic
    adj. of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.
  7. gainsay
    v. deny
  8. callow
    adj. youthful; immature
  9. urbane
    adj. suave; refined; elegant
  10. pantomime
    n. acting with out dialogue
  11. censorious
    adj. critical
  12. unmigated
    adj. unrelieved or immoderate; absolute
  13. despot
    n. tyrant; harsh; authoritarian leader
  14. impecunious
    adj. without money
  15. blighted
    adj. suffering from a disease; destroyed
  16. apprise
    v. inform
  17. inclement
    adj. stormy; unkind
  18. disparage
    v. belittle
  19. prurient
    adj. having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters
  20. salubrious
    adj; healthful
  21. languor
    n. lassitude; depression
  22. scintillate
    v. sparkle; flash
  23. promontory
    n. headland
  24. traduce
    v. expose to slander
  25. palliate
    v. make (a disease or its symptoms) less severe or unpleasant without removing the cause.
  26. beleaguer
    v. besiege or attack; harass
  27. pulchritude
    n. beauty; comeliness
  28. rostrum
    n. platform for speech making
  29. avocation
    n. secondary or minor occupation
  30. debonair
    adj. friendly; aiming to please
  31. ebullient
    adj. showing excitement
  32. vitriolic
    adj. corrosive; sarcastic
  33. sophistry
    n. seemingly reasonable but fallacious reasoning
  34. galvanize
    v. stimulate by shock; stir up; revitalize
  35. enervate
  36. yore
    n. time past
  37. obdurate
    adj. stubborn
  38. salvo
    n. discharge of firearms; military salute
  39. arid
    adj. dry; barren
  40. moribund
    adj. dying
  41. artifice
    n. deception; trickery
  42. augury
    n. omen; prophecy
  43. extrapolation
    n. projection; conjecture
  44. solecism
    n. construction that is flagrantly incorrect grammatically; a breach of etiquette or decorum; impropriety
  45. hoary
    adj. white with age
  46. tantamount
    adj. equivalent in effect or value
  47. sojourn
    n. temporary stay
  48. verve
    n. enthusiasm; liveliness
  49. antediluvian
    adj. antiquated; extremely ancient
  50. reprobate
    n. person hardened in sin
  51. pastiche
    n. imitation of another's style in musical composition or in writing
  52. epistolary
    adj. consisting of letters
  53. propagate
    v. multiply; spread
  54. plaintive
    adj. mournful
  55. milieu
    n. environment; means of expression
  56. emancipate
    v. set free
  57. acme
    n. top; pinnacle
  58. fetter
    v. shackle
  59. inchoate
    adj. recently begun; rudimentary
  60. adroit
    adj. skillful
  61. rectitude
    n. uprightness; moral value; correctness of judgement
  62. oscillate
    v. vibrate pendulum like; waver
  63. excoriate
    v. scold with biting harshness
  64. sunder
    v. separate; part
  65. actuarial
    adj. calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
  66. boisterous
    adj. violent; rough; noisy
  67. etymology
    n. study of word parts
  68. filial
    adj. pertaining to offspring
  69. query
    n. inquiry; question
  70. subpoena
    n. writ summoning a witness to appear
  71. ephemeral
    adj. short-lived; fleeting
  72. embroil
    v. throw into confusion; involve in strife; entangle
  73. importune
    v. beg persistently
  74. circumspect
    adj. prudent, cautious
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