PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Capsules 3

  1. What type of drugs is not suitable for hard capsules?
    Highly soluble salts
  2. Which are more expensive to make, tablets or capsules?
  3. What is the standard size range for capsules?
    000 to 5
  4. Which is larger a capsule of size 000 or a capsule of size 3?
    Size 000 is larger
  5. Why does a single capsule have a range of power weights that it can contain?
    It is based on the bulk density and compressibility of the specific power used to fill it
  6. The amount of powder that will fill a given capsule is based on what parameters?
    Bulk density and compressibility
  7. What four mixtures of dry powdered materials can be incorporated into capsules?
    • Loose powders
    • Granules
    • Slightly compressed plugs
    • Tablets
  8. What are capsules composed of?
    • Gelatin
    • 10-15% moisture
    • Maybe small quantities of dyes, plasticizers and opacifying agents
  9. What ways can Gelatin capsules be filed?
    • Manually
    • Automatically
    • Semi-automatically
  10. Can capsules absorb moisture?
    Yes, under high humidity
  11. Under what conditions do capsules absorb moisture?
    High humidity
  12. At what % moisture do capsules lose their strength and become sticky?
  13. What happens to capsules if they have 16% moisture content?
    They become sticky and lose their strength
  14. What storage conditions are not ideal for gelatin capsules?
    • >16% moisture
    • Very dry conditions
  15. What storage conditions are ideal for Gelatin Capsules?
    • 10-25 C
    • 35-45% humidity
  16. What are three common problems encountered during capsule formulation?
    • Poor flow of power mixture during filling operations
    • Segregation and Homogeneity issues
    • Incompatibility between active ingredients, diluents and capsule shell
  17. How can you overcome poor powder mixture flow issues during capsule filling?
    Incorporate Glidants or Lubricants
  18. The incorporation of Glidants or Lubricants can solve what capsule filling issue?
    Poor flow of power mixture
  19. How can issues of segregation and homogeneity during capsule filling operations be resolved?
    Matching particle size and densities as closely as possible
  20. Matching particle sizes and densities as closely as possible can resolve what capsule filling issue?
    Issues of segregation and homogeneity
  21. How can issues of incompatibility during capsule filling operations be resolved?
    Excipient Screening (drug compatibility testing)
  22. Compatibility testing can be used to resolve what problem with Capsule formulations?
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PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Capsules 3
PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Capsules 3