Self Assessment

  1. ecthyma gangrenosum?
    rapidly progressing bacterial erythema that progresses into a bullae with necrosis
  2. what causes ecthyma gengrenosum?
    pseudomonas Auroginosa
  3. presentation of viral encephalitis?
    csf findings?
    confusion + eeg changes in the brain

    high lymphocytes and high protein everything else i normal
  4. high blood pressure differential?
    • conns syndrome
    • renal artery steonsis
  5. what electrolyte leads to weakness?
  6. next best step in protracted labor?
    if the 1st intervention doesnt work?

  7. what is protracted labor?
    failure of cervical dilation to go 1cm/hr
  8. causes of protracted labor?
    • power
    • passenger
    • pelvis
  9. characteristic of a tb exudate?
    • high protein
    • lymphocytes
  10. what vaccine do hiv pts need?
  11. rx for malignancy induced svc syndrome?
  12. aspirations while supine end up in?
    posterior basal segment of right lung
  13. in what areas does bullous pemphigoid occur?
    rx for mild?
    • flexural areas- axilla, groin
    • mild--dapsone
    • severe--steroids
  14. predisposing factor to porphyria cutanea tards?
    liver pathology
  15. polymyositis?
    proximal muscle pain with high cpk and ast and alt
  16. presentation of complex partial seizures?
    • blank stare
    • automatism
    • focal
    • todds paralysis
    • loc
  17. rx for conns syndrome?
  18. very high calcium levels?
    modelraly high calcium levels cause?
    • malignancy
    • hyperparathyroidsim
  19. prophylaxis after gastric bypass?
    ursodeocycolic acid
  20. difference between primary hyperparathyrodism and secondary ?
    • primary--low phophate
    • secondary--high phosphate due to renal failure
  21. causes of single parathyoroid adenoma vs glandular hyperplasia?
    • primary hyperparathyroidism
    • secondary hyperparathyroidsim
  22. which is more precise pain, somatic or viscerail?
    somatic--higher nerve concentration
  23. rx for overflow incontinence?
    • cholingergic agonist--
    • catherer
  24. what kind of mucosa is in a meckels diverticulum?
    gastric mucosa
  25. causes of DIC?
    • Sepsis
    • Trauma
    • Obstetrics
    • Pancreatitis
    • Malignancy
    • Nephrotic syndrome
    • Transfusions
  26. rx for dic?
    • ffp
    • if not effective cryoprecipitate
  27. what are the recommendations for screening over the age of 65?
    • mammogram every year
    • pap smear every year untill 65
    • sigmoidoscopy every 5 years
    • lipids every 5 years
  28. which one has the cremasteric reflex intact? torsion or epididymitis?
  29. what testicular pathology gets better with testicular elevation?
  30. 2 most common types of nephrotic syndromes?
    • focal segmental¬†
    • membraneous
  31. esophageal rupture usually presents how?
    • crepitus
    • left pleural effusion
    • pneumomediastinum
  32. what kind of seizure disorder presents with limb jerking in the morning that is worse with sleep deprivation?
    juvenile myoclonic epilepsy
  33. quickest way to reduce ischemic myocardial pain?
    reduce preload via nitrates
  34. corkscrew shaped abnormality in the abdomen?
    sausage like abnormality in the abdomen?
    • volvulus
    • intussusseption
  35. in parkinsons, there is atrophy of what parts?
    frontal lobe and substantia nigra neurons
  36. all of the pathology in parkinsons results from what two hormone imbalance?
    • loss of dopa
    • excess ach
  37. chordae tendinae are part of what two valves?
    • tricuspid
    • mitral
  38. what is the co in septic shock?
  39. most accurate site for wegeners biopsy?
  40. infections of what with step pyogenes do not lead to rheumatic heart disease?
    • skin
    • only infections of the pharynx lead to rheumatic heart disease
  41. rx for copd exacerbation?
    • albuterol
    • ipratropium
    • glucocorticosteroids
  42. rx for prolactin secreting pituitary?
    refractory to rx?

    transphenoidal surgery
  43. ascertainment bias?
    results from atypical population are extrapolated to a general population
  44. what personality disorders may exhibit psychotic symptoms and feel dissociated at times/
    borderline personality
  45. what endocrinological disorder may present as psychosis?
  46. side effect of efavirenz?
    vivid, hallucinatory dreams
  47. best initial therapy for urge incontinence?
    • timing voiding
    • if it fails

  48. biopsy of a purpura in hsp?
    leucocytokasitc vasculitis with IgA
  49. what vasculitis has granulomas?
    • wegeners
    • Takayasu
    • Churg-straus
  50. best initial rx for oa?
    • weightloss and exercise
    • then nsaid
  51. how effective are hyluronic acid?
    as effective as placebos
  52. a tender , edematous mass in the labia majora?
    bartholin cyst
  53. psychosis with dilated pupils and tachy?
    cocaine abuse
  54. proptosis vs ptosis?
    • protptosis--eye is bulging out
    • ptosis--lid lag
  55. criteria for kawasaki?
    • 5 days of fever
    • mucosal inflammation
    • conjunctivitis
    • Limb inflammation
    • Nodes enlargement
    • scantifiliform rash
  56. opthalmologica condition with a glare at night and trouble seeing at night?
  57. painless loss of vision that is worse at night?
  58. causes for thrombocytosis?
    • splenectomy
    • fever
    • myeloproliferative disorder i.e essential thrombocytosis
  59. what is seen on peripheral smear post splenectomy?
    • thrombocytosis
    • howel jowell bodies
    • target cell
  60. what two conditions have high 17 hydroxyprogesterone levels?
    • pcos
    • cah
  61. ovarian failure has increased ratio or what?
  62. what substance causes compression of the medial nerve causing carpal tunnel syndrome in the following?
    inflammatory disorder
    • increased deposition of matrix substances
    • fluid
    • amyloid
    • amyloid
    • ra inflammation
    • hyperplasia of the synovium
  63. what tocolytic can produce pulmonary edema?
    terbutaline and other beta agonists
  64. central cyanosis vs peripheral cyanosis?
    • central--decreased oxygen saturation
    • peripheral--sluggish blood flow
  65. type I dyslipidemia?
    type IIa?
    type IV?
    • low lipoprotein lipase--increased TG
    • low LDL receptors---Increased cholesterol
  66. palamr xanthomas and milky blood?
    high tg---type III dyslipidemia treat with fibrates
  67. rx for premature labor?
    bethamethasone injection
  68. most important to reduce diabetic nephropathy?
    ace inhibitors
  69. high fevers with seizures and a rash?
    roseola infantum
  70. ocp's decrease the risk of what gynecological cancers?
    ovarian and endometrial
  71. diagnostic tests for HIT?
    • serotonin release assay
    • ELISA for platelet factor 4
  72. what electrolyte abnormalities cause torsaides?
    • Low K
    • Low Mg
    • Low Ca
  73. presentation of vasovagal vs hypotensive syncope?
    vasovagal--prodrome of dizzines, flushing

    hypotensive--after rapidly standing up
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