1. Who are the three people who explored California?
    • Francis Drake
    • Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
    • Sebastian Vizcaino
  2. 1579 San Francisco Bay (present-day Drake's Bay)
    Francis Drake
  3. 1542 present-day San Diego Bay
    Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
  4. 1602 present-day Monterey Bay
    Sebastian Vizcaino
  5. Six reasons workers came to California.
    • Search for gold
    • Build the railroad
    • Work in farming
    • Movie industry
    • Electronic businesses
    • Military reasons
  6. Settlers came to California because...
    • Look for gold
    • They wanted to own and farm land
  7. Name six things that are important to California.
    • 1. Transcontinental Railroad
    • 2. Central Pacific Railroad
    • 3. Gold
    • 4. Computers
    • 5. Movies
    • 6. Oranges
  8. East Coast to West Coast
    Transcontinental Railroad
  9. Northern California to Utah
    Central Pacific Railroad
  10. The ___________ made it easier for people to travel. Transported people from one place to the next.
  11. Caused 100,000 to come to California. Economy grew.
  12. People moved to San Francisco to create businesses that make computer parts.
  13. Population and economy
  14. Economy and produces jobs
  15. What are rancho grants and how did they help people?
    Rancho grants are when the Spanish and Mexican officials gave land (called ranchos) to people to encourage them to farm and start businesses.
  16. Who designed and created "blue jeans" and why?
    Levi Strauss:Miners needed stronger pants
  17. Who is Horace Wilcox and why is he important?
    He started a religious community in Hollywood in 1897.
  18. In 1839 he started a farming settlement in present-day Sacramento. In 1848 one of Sutter's workers found gold on a piece of his land.
    John Sutter
  19. He was from Spain and he planted the first orange grove in California.
    Father Antonio Cruzado
  20. He founded the first California mission in San Diego and later founded eight more missions, many of which grew into towns.
    Father Junipero Serra
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