Ch18 Reconstruction Era Vocabulary

  1. black codes
    laws passed in the South just after the civil War aimed at controlling freed men and women, and allowing plantation owners to take advantage of African American workers
  2. override
    to reject or defeat something that has already been decided
  3. impeach
    to formally charge a public official with misconduct
  4. Reconstruction
    the period of rebuilding the South and readmitting Southern states into the Union
  5. amnesty
    the granting of a pardon to a large number of persons
  6. adjust
    to become more suited to new conditions
  7. radical
  8. exclude
    to prevent from being involved in something
  9. suspend
    to set aside or temporarily stop operation of something
  10. scalawag
    name given by former Confederates to Southern whites who supported Republican Reconstruction of the South
  11. credit
    a loan, or the ability to pay for a good or service at a future time rather than at the time of purchase
  12. corruption
    dishonest or illegal actions
  13. academy
    a school or college for special training
  14. integrate
    to unite, or to blend into a united whole
  15. sharecropping
    system of farming in which a farmer works land for an owner who provides equipment and seeds and receives a share of the crop
  16. commission
    a group of officials chosen for a specific responsibility
  17. outcome
    the effect or result of an action or event
  18. Grandfather clause
    a device that allowed persons to vote if their fathers or grandfathers had voted before Reconstruction began
  19. poll tax
    a tax a person must pay in order to vote
  20. literacy test
    a method used to prevent African Americans from voting by requiring prospective voters to read and write at a specified level
  21. segregation
    the separation or isolation of a race, class, or group
  22. lynching
    putting to death by the illegal action of a mob
  23. clause
    a special condition in a formal document
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Ch18 Reconstruction Era Vocabulary
Ch18 Reconstruction Era Vocabulary