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  1. These are stones are most common cause of upper urinary tract obstructions?
    Urinary Calculi
  2. What is lithiasis?
    Stone formation
  3. 70% - 80% of stones are composed of___?
  4. This is a severe flank pain on the affcted side, that develops when a stone obstructs the urter causing ureteral spasms?
    Renal Colic
  5. What is the name of th presenting sign in 75% of urinary tract tumors?
    Painless Hematuria
  6. The expanding prostatic tissue compressing the urethra & causing partial or complete obstruction of the outflow of urine from the urinary bladder is caused by what?
    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  7. What should the RN do to monitor if a patient is hemorrhaging after a hysterectomy?  
    Keeping a pad count & assessing abdominal dressings
  8. What is the treatment of choice for syphilis?
    • Penicillin - IM in a single dose
    • unless allergic, then doxycycline or tetracycline is given for 28 days
  9. Where do majority of urinary calculi originate?
  10. What size calculi stone is able to pass on its own, not requiring a more invasive approach?
  11. What are the majority type of kidney stones?
    Calcium phosphate/ Struvite Stones
  12. What type of kidney stones are only made up of about 5-10% of population?
    Urica acid &/or Cystine stones
  13. These types of kidney stones are usually associated with a genetic defect?
    Cystine stones
  14. What is the urine goal output of someone with kidney stones?
    2000 mL/ 24hr
  15. What types of foods should be increased for someone with calcium stones?
    Foods that acidify urine - beans, Chocolate, Beer, Smoked fish, caffeine
  16. What types of foods should be increased with uric acid stones?
    Alkaline foods- Sardines, beef liver, vinicin, veal & duck
  17. What is the common cause of UTI for adult men?
    BPH - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  18. When a patient is taking an Alpha-adrenergic antagonist, what should be monitored closely? Why?
    Blood Pressure- it can be reduced by this medication
  19. What type of medications are used to relax the smooth muscles of the prostate?
    • Alpha-adrenergic antagonist
    • (Flomax) (Cardura) (Hytrin)
  20. What STD's are NOT curable? (select all that apply)
    A- Syphilis
    B- Gonorrhea
    C- Genital Herpes
    D- Genital Warts
    • C- Genital Herpes
    • D- Genital Warts
  21. What STD's are curible with appropriate treatments? (select all that apply)
    A- Gonorrhea
    B- Genital Warts
    C- Syphilis
    D- Genital Warts
    • A- Gonorrhea
    • C- Syphilis
  22. This disease is known as " the clap"
  23. This is known as the most common infectious genitial infection in the US, and conisdered an epidemic?
    Genital Warts
  24. This is a genital infection that is usually asymptomatic until advanced stages?
  25. This genitial infection is a complex systemic infection that infects almost any body tissue or organ, can also cause blindness, paralysis, or death?
  26. The RN istalking with a 68yr old, male patient who is a smoker, and a history of occupational exposure to toxic chemicals. Because of the risk of bladder cancer, the nurse should be concerned about which urinary complaint?
    Painless Hematuria
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