9E CRJ 200 overhead panel systems

  1. DC Service switch
    • Connects DC service bus to the APU direct batt bus.
    • ---------------------------------------------------

    Nav & Lav, beacon, boarding, galley, cabin & chart lights. water waste power. PA.
  2. Battery master switch
    Connects the main & APU dir batt busses to the main batt bus.
  3. External DC switchlight
    Avail: external DC power connected & proper polarity & voltage. push to connect. "in use" comes on.
  4. External AC power switchlight
    Avail: external AC power hooked up, correct phase, voltage & frequency.  push in to connect "in use" lights up.
  5. AC Power
    IDG 1 (2) DISC switchlight
    • Fault: IDG CSD high oil temp, low oil pressure.  No auto disconnect with "fault" light.
    • Disc: Case over torque or temp. Will auto disconnect.  "DISC" light illuminates.

    Push to manually disconnect as directed.
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9E CRJ 200 overhead panel systems
9e overhead panel systems