AUC 207 addendum 1-20

  1. How do we ensure power removal during subway ops? exception?
    via apparatus radio through FD dispatcher

    exception: when there is immediate danger and power must be shutoff to save lives in imminent danger
  2. How do we shutoff power?
    Nearest power removal box and desk superintendent immediately notified via emergency telephone

    *failure to notify, will result in immediate restoration of power*
  3. Items not affected by power removal?
    • Lights in the right of way
    • Station Lights
    • Signals
    • Drainage pumping equipment
    • tunnel ventilation equipment
    • train headlights
    • Interior subway car lights
  4. True or False

    When Power is removed, members are not required to request that transit personnel protect the contact rail shoes of the affected cars with wooden slippers

    Power can still be transmitted from the third rail via contact shoes
  5. Engine Ops at Subway Emergency
    • Do not connect to hydrant, until fire is located
    • Emergency exits can be used to stretch
    • Evacuating passengers have priority to exits
    • Officer checks his TA emergency booklet, to ensure correct line and track
    • Due to long stretches, 1st line in place vital
  6. What is the position of Truck Chauffeur in the handi-talkie relay?
    Bottom of subway entrance stairs. If the token booth clerk is within 50 yards of stairs to street, contact train dispatcher through clerk. Relay the token booth phone number to Truck officer.
  7. OV??
    foot of stairs leading to platform, if within 50 yards of Chauffeur
  8. Roof?
    Approx 50 yards from stairs on the platform for relay
  9. Engine Officer?
    Approx 100 yards (line of sight) from Roof FF on the platform
  10. Truck Officer??
    To location of fire
  11. True or False

    If conditions are such that all members are not needed for relay, only members needed shall be used, starting with Truck Chauffeur.

    "Ladder 9 Chauffeur relay to Ladder 9 OV relay, command requests a report"

    "Ladder 9 OV relay to Ladder 9, command requests a report"
  12. True or False

    It may be advantageous for an Engine Company to be in close proximity to and emergency exit or main subway entrance and have a supply line relayed from another pumper
  13. Fire under a platform
    • Power is removed 
    • Confirmation of power removal via F.D. Dispatcher
    • Members are posted at each end of platform to act as safety people 
    • An alternate are of refuge is assured in case of train movement
  14. When walking out on the benchwall to extinguish a fire in the track are, how many members are needed?
    The Officer and Can FF 

    *other members act as safety people*
  15. Fire on a train:

    outside:motor, switch-relay, journal box, hung brake shoe
    inside:insulation, door motor, fan motor, light fixtures, newspapers
    • make an announcement via intercom system (or as far as last car)
    • Evacuate: 1. station through train 2. transfer to another train 3. walk on roadbed/benchwall
  16. Small fires in ties of an elevated railroad should be extinguished, how?
    Handlines operated from the street below
  17. True or False

    Aerial and tower ladders can be extended beyond the railing of an elevated railroad
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