Chapter 23

  1. The type of death a star will experience depends on
  2. Which force is most responsible for the formation of a pre-star?
  3. Stars with surface temperature less than 3000K appear _______
  4. Stellar distances are usually expressed in units called ______
    light years
  5. The brightness of a star, if it were at a distance of 32.6 light-years, is its
    absolute magnitude
  6. According to the Big Bang theory, a cataclysmic explosion created the matter in the Universe about _______ years ago
    15 million
  7. The magnitude of a star as we "see" it from Earth?
    apparent magnitude
  8. Very massive stars terminate in a brilliant explosion called a _______
  9. One light-year is about __________.
    9.5 trillion kilometers
  10. A very young, large object that is soon to become a star but is not yet hot enough for nuclear fusion is termed a _________.
  11. What is the main fuel for a red giant
  12. A(n) __________, is a famous interstellar mass that absorbs ultraviolet light from an embedded or nearby star and radiates, or emits this energy as visable light
    bright nebula
  13. Which color stars have the hottest surface temperature.
  14. The final stage for a star that is as massive as the Sun
    white dwarf
  15. The apparent change in wavelength of radiation caused by the relative motions of the source and the observer is referred to as _________.
    the Doppler effect
  16. Most stars are in this stage of evolution
  17. The apparent change in the the position of a celestial object due to the orbital motion of Earth is called _________
    stellar parallax
  18. The red shifts exhibited by galaxies can be explained by ________
    an expanding universe
  19. What is labeled on the y-axis of the H-R Diagram?
    Absolute magnitude
  20. This is produced during a supernova event.
    black hole
  21. An interstellar accumulation of dust and gases is referred to as
  22. Which part of the HR Diagram are the redgiants located?
    upper right
  23. What is produced as a result medium mass star collapsing?
    planetary nebula
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