theater history test 3

  1. Italian Theatre renaissance
    • -new plays/writings prompted interest in theatre
    • -printing press reached italy
    • -perspective in scenery/architecture
  2. Neoclassicism
    • Versimilitude
    • decorum
  3. versimilitude
    • the unities
    • -time-24hr
    • -place-one
    • -action-one storyline
    • --disapprove of aristotle/horace
  4. Decorum
    • appropriateness of language/subject
    • -no mixing comic and tragedy
  5. intermezzi
    similar to court masks like interludes
  6. major italian contribution to theatre
  7. 1st opera
    by rinucci, caccini, peri
  8. prompted musical element
    spread of opera
  9. Orfeo
  10. first renassaince work on architecture to have theatre section
    • Architattura-Sebastiano Serlio
    • -perspective
  11. Staging and architecture
    • Ranked stages
    •      -upstage-back(higher)
    •      -downstage-front(lower)
    • Proscenium arch
    • -frames the stage
  12. 1st stage with perspective
    Teatro Olimpico
  13. oldest surviving proscenium stage
    teatro Farnese
  14. -evolution of attellan farce
    -set speeches/improvised dialogue
    Commedia dell'arte
  15. commedia dell'arte stock characters
    • lovers
    • servants-drove play forward
    • masters
  16. the servant of two masters
    Carlo Goldoni
  17. 1st companie to perform in Hopital de la Trinite
    Confrerie de la Passion
  18. first theatre to be built since the romans
    Hotel de Bourgogue
  19. 1st proffesional dramatist
    worked for Valleran LeComte
    Alexandre Hardy
  20. 1st important theatre manager in france
    valleran le comte
  21. le cid
    • Pierre corneille
    • provided test case for french academy
  22. Meillte
    writing style of Pierre Corneille
  23. Phedre
    Jean Racine
  24. best comic playwright
  25. death of Moliere
    • while performing
    • theatre went into caos
    • king ordered companies to merge
  26. 1st national theatre company
    Comedie Francaise
  27. dress fpr classical french heros
    Habit a la Romaine
  28. cultural influences of indian drama
    • Hinduism-religious
    • Caste System-social/economic
    • Sanskrit literary conventions-literary
  29. major source of sanskrit drama
  30. most important literary influence to sanskrit drama
  31. "the art of theatre"
    major source about writing and performance
  32. sanskrit drama attempt to achieve
    fundamental mood
    joyful consciousness
  33. most famous sanskrit drama
    king sukaka
    social play
    the little clay cart
  34. finest sanskrit drama
  35. lower drama
    oldest form- shadow puppet plays
  36. 4 basic sanskrit actor resources
    • movement and gesture
    • speech and song
    • costume and makeup
    • psychological insight
  37. indian theatre companies
    • all male/female/both
    • judged competitions
  38. chinese school to train peformers
    the pear garden
  39. equal to calling someone a thespian
    "student of the Pear Garden"
  40. oldest surviving chinese play
    Zhang xie, Doctor of Letters
  41. chinese theatre groups
    title districts
  42. yuan dynasty
    • established by mongols
    • chinese literary drama flourished
    • mongols took over intelecuals lost jobs-turnes to arts
  43. father of chinese drama
    kuan han-ching
  44. the injustice done to ngo tou
    kuan han-ching
  45. the story of the chalk circle
    Li Xingdao
  46. chinese southern style drama
    emporor likes Lute Song- southern style dominated
  47. master craftsman of situation comedies
    first and only dramatic critic
    Li Yu
  48. Beijing opera
    • theatrical-text not followed
    • civil plays
    • military plays
  49. assistants/musicians
    • no attempt to hide
    • dressed informally
  50. types of beijing opera roles
    • male
    • female
    • painted face
    • comic
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