lecture exams 1

  1. -ac
    • meaning :pertaning to
    • medical word example: cardiac
    • (cardi/o -heart)

    pertaining to the heart
  2. -al
    meaning: pertaining to

    • exp: intestinal
    • (intestin/o- means intestine)

    pertaining to the intestine
  3. -ar
    meaning: pertaining to

    • exp: muscular
    • (muscul/o- : means muscle)

    pertaining to the muscle
  4. -ary
    meaning: pertaining to

    • exp: urinary
    • (urin/o- means urine; urinary track)

    • pertaining to the urine
  5. -ic
    meaning: pertaining to

    • exp: pelvic
    • (pelv/o- means pelvis)

    pertaning to the pelvis
  6. -ine
    meaning: pertaining to

    • exp: uterine
    • (uter/o- means uterus)

    pertaining to the uterus
  7. -ive
    meaning: pertaining to

    • exp: digestive
    • (digest/o- means break down food; digest)

    • pertaining to digestion
  8. -ous
    meaning: pertaining to

    • exp: venous
    • (ven/o- means vein)

    pertaining to a vein

  9. -ation
    meaning: a process; being or having

    • exp: urination
    • (urin/o- means urine; urinary system)

    a process of making urine
  10. -ion
    meaning: action; condition

    • exp: digestion
    • (digest/o- means break down foods; digest)

    action of breaking down food
  11. -lysis
    meaning: process of beaking down or destroying

    • exp: hemolysis
    • (hem/o- means blood)

    process of breaking down or destroying blood
  12. -ia
    meaning: condition; state; thing

    • exp: pneumonia
    • (pneumon/o- means lung)

    condition of the lung
  13. -itis
    meaning: inflammation of; infection of

    • exp: tonsillitis
    • (tonsill/o- means tonsil)

    infection of the tonsil

  14. -megaly
    meaning: enlargment

    • exp: cardiomegaly
    • (cardi/o- means heart)

    enlargment of heart

  15. -ism
    meaning: process; disease from a specific cause

    • exp: hypothyroidism
    • (thyroid/o- means thyroid gland)

    disease from the specific cause of deficient thyroid (hormone)

  16. -oma
    meaning: tumor; mass

    • exp: neuroma
    • (neur/o- means nerve)

    tumor on a nerve

  17. -osis
    meaning: condition; abnormal & condition; process

    • exp: psychosis
    • (psych/o- means mind)

    abnormal condition of the mind

  18. -pathy
    meaning: disease; suffering

    • exp: arthopathy
    • (arthr/o- means joint )

    disease of the joint

  19. -ectomy
    meaning: surgical excision

    • exp: appendectomy
    • (append/o- means appendix )

    • surgical excision of the appendix

  20. -gram
    meaning: a record or picture

    • exp: mammogram
    • (mamm/o- means breast )

    a record or picture of the breast

  21. -graphy
    meaning: process of recording

    • exp: mammography
    • (mamm/o- means breast )

    process of recording the breast

  22. -metry
    meaning: process of measuring

    • exp: spirometry
    • (spir/o- means breathe )

    process of measuring the breathing

  23. -scope
    meaning: instrument used to examine

    • exp: colonoscope
    • (colon/o- means colon )

    instrument used to examine the colon

  24. -scopy
    meaning: process of using an instrument to examine

    • exp: gastroscopy
    • (gastr/o- means stomach)

    process of using an instument to examine the stomach

  25. -stomy
    meaning: surgically created opening

    • exp: colostomy
    • (col/o- means colon)

    sugically created opening in the colon

  26. -therapy
    meaning: treatment

    • exp: psychotherapy
    • (psych/o- means mind)

    treatment of the mind

  27. -tomy
    meaning: process of cutting or making incision

    • exp: laparotomy
    • (lapar/o- means abdomen)

    process of making an incision in the abdomen

  28. -iatry
    meaning: medical treatment

    • exp: psychiarty
    • (psych/o- means mind)

    medical treatment for the mind

  29. -ist
    meaning: one who specializes in

    • exp: therapist
    • (therap/o- means therapy)

    one who specializes in therapy

  30. -logy
    meaning: the study of

    • exp: cardiology
    • (cardi/o- means heart)

    the study of the heart

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