Succession and Human Impact

  1. What is succession?
    A series of predictable changes in an ecosystemover a long period of time
  2. How are primary and secondary succession alike?
    They both involve changes in the species thatare found in an ecosystem over a long period of time, both result in climax communities
  3. What is primary succession
    Primary succession occurs where there have notbeen any living organisms before
  4. What is secondary succession
    secondary succession occurs where there havebeen living organisms
  5. What is a climax community
    The species that are found in an ecosystem aftersuccession has stopped and no new species are being introduced
  6. What is the common climax community in Virginia?
    Oak hickory forest
  7. What are some steps that citizens can take in order to reduce their impact on the Chesapeake Bay?
    • Do not overuse fertilizer and other   
    • Do not litter, to prevent trash and other items from entering the Bay
    • Avoid overdevelopment of land to prevent soil from eroding into the Bay and prevent loss of habitat
  8. Why is it important for there to be diversity in an ecosystem?
    Diversity allows for many different species to have the same role in the ecosystem, so that if one species dies off or it population is reduced, there is a smaller impact on the ecosystem
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