Uworld 6

  1. scc in the neck of a smoker and drinker, next step?
    • panendoscopy
    • endoscopy
    • bronchoscopy
    • laryngoscopy
  2. when the biophysical profile is what value is delivery indicated?
    • <4
    • 4 and lung immaturity
  3. BPP of 6, next step?
    contraction test
  4. BPP of what score is considered normal?
  5. causes of hemoptysis?
    • abscess
    • bronchitis
    • bronchiectasis
    • cancer
    • tb
    • pe
    • pneumonia
  6. cause of steppage gait?
    injury to peroneal nerve--cant dorsiflex
  7. most common type of kidney stones?
    calcium oxalate
  8. what two conditions predispose to calcium phosphate stones?
    • RTA type I
    • hyperparathyrodism
  9. toxicity of magnesium?
    • hyporeflexia
    • brady apnea
  10. atrophic vaginitis can mimic uti with dysuria and urinary frequency
  11. when do you treat hep c?
    • if liver enzymes are elevated
    • HVC rna
    • biopsy shows necrosis
  12. do you give hep b vaccine to a pt that has hepsag?
  13. when do you repair surgically vsd?
    • when the defect is large..decompensation and vascular markings are seen
    • otherwise reassurance and observation
  14. what dz produces blunting of villi?
    • celiac dz
    • tropical sprue
  15. what are the 2 characteristics of innocent murmurs in kids?
    • grade 2 or less
    • changing with position
    • no other symptoms--cyanosis, sob, vascular markings, decompensation, edema
  16. beta 1 or beta 2 enables transport of K into the cell?
    beta 2
  17. dark brown discoloration of lymph follicles shining throught as white patches?
    facticious diarrhea
  18. a person with access to medications...consider?
    facticious disorder
  19. vaccination status unknown and the person gets stuck with hepB needle? next step?
    hep b vaccine and immunoglobulins
  20. pancytopenia in sle is due to?
    antibodies to rbc, platelets and wbc
  21. buproprion is contraindicated to what patients?
    • patient at high risk for seizures
    • eating disorders
    • alcohol or benzo use
  22. which stage do u treat of b.pertussis infection?
    all and prophylax with marcrolides close contacts
  23. cattarhal stage?
    convalescent stage of b. pertusis?
    • congestion adn rhinorrhea
    • coughing
    • less coughing
  24. rx for strep viridans endocarditis sensitive to penicillin?
    iv ceftriaxone
  25. route of adminisatartion of antibiotics for endocarditis?
  26. test for rule out vasovagal syncope/
    tilt table testing
  27. syncope brought on by emotional stress?
  28. rx for frost bite?
    rx is warm water
  29. forward slip of l5 over s1 in kids causing cuada equina?
  30. rx for endometriosis for a pt that wants to conceive?
    does not want to conceive?
    removal via laparoscopy

    ---danazol or ocp
  31. post menopausal women get what type of HRT?
    estrogen + progesterone
  32. rx for mg toxicity?
    calcium gluconate
  33. mode of delivery in a gestational diabetic woman?
    induction from 27-40 weeks
  34. chorioamniotis predisposes to what?
    uterine atony
  35. rx for invasive molar pregnancy?
    • mtx or adriamycin
    • multiple chemotherapy
  36. rx for fibroids but preserve fertility?
    hysteroscopical myomectomy
  37. absolute contraindication for vaginal delivery after a c section?
    classical c section for a transverse pregnancy
  38. 2 causes of variable decelerations?
    2 causes of late decelerations?
    • cord compression
    • oligohydramnions

    late---uteroplacental insufficiency and maternal hypotension
  39. on how big of ovarian cysts do you operate on?
    6 cm
  40. what makes shoulder dystocia worse?
    fundal pressure
  41. rx for adenomysosis?
  42. 3 emergency contraception methods?
    • progesterone only pill pop
    • ocp--estrogen and progesterone
    • Copper IUD
  43. wht kind of lesions are pedunculated?
  44. what has favorable outcome, breast cancer with  hormone receptor or without
    rx for it?
    • with
    • chemo and hormone therapy
  45. pelvic pressure, woman feels like she is sitting on the ball?
  46. rx for cystocele?
    anterior colprophy
  47. incontinence after iv infusion of due but not after retrograde infusion into the bladder?
    ureterovaginal fistula
  48. how long are hrt indicated for?
    6-12 months and then other means of controlling symptoms
  49. with premature rupture of membranes at 35 weeks,next step?
    • expectant management
    • no tocolysis bc of risk of amnionitis
    • no bethamethasone after 34 weeks
  50. when are bethamethasone not given, after how many weeks?
  51. pre pregnancy hba1c does not prevent what complication of pregnancy?
    fetal macrosomia
  52. fna is non diagnostic for a breast lesion, next step?
    core biopsy
  53. best way to date pregnancy?
  54. fever and abdominal tenderness post c section?
  55. mayer-rokitanski syndrome?
    • mullerian agenesis--abnormal uterus, fallopian and upper vagina formation..
    • causes amenorrhea
  56. differentiation between emphysema nad chronic bronchitis?>
  57. acute chest syndrome characteristics?
    • chest pain
    • fever
    • xray inflitrate
    • altered abg's
  58. rx for tremors in parkinsons?
    trihexphenydyl or other antimuscarinic

    dopamine agonists
  59. most psychiatric and mood disorders need what criteria to be classified as something?
    they need to have functional impairment
  60. difference in presentation between posterior urethral and anterior urethral injury?
    • anterior is from trauma you get from a saddle impact--normal prostate, +/- urination
    • posterior--from pelvic trauma, high riding prostate and cant urinate, scrotal hematoma

    both have blood in the urethra
  61. sirs?
    • wbc >1200
    • rr >20
    • temp >101 or less than 95
    • pulse >90
  62. erythematous maculopapular rash?
    • rubella
    • measles
  63. what is the only way to have low Na and K in serum and high Na and K in urine?
  64. what is the pathophysiology of dyspnea in pericarditis?
    decreased preload bc of the edema surrounding the heart
  65. when is the cerival mucus thin and most accomodating to sperm..high ph?
    luteal phased
  66. difference in presentation between interstitial cystitis and cystocele?
    • interstitial cystitis--has tenderness of anterior vaginal wall
    • cystocele--herniation of the anterior vaginal wall
  67. what is the strongest prognostic factor for reducing mortality and morbidity in an MI?
    restoration of blood flow
  68. injury to the knee where there is popping and locking and inability to fully extend the knee?
    medial meniscal tear
  69. serum sickness reaction presentation?
    • rash
    • arthritis
    • lymphadenopathy
    • type III hypersensitivity
  70. most common predisposing factor for bacterial sinusitis?
    viral infection
  71. best initial rx for hepatorenal syndrome?
    most effective rx for hepatorenal syndrome?
    • albumin
    • octeotride
    • midodrine

    liver transplantation
  72. rx for premature atial beats?
  73. difference between rmsf and secondary syphilis?
    rmsf has headache and myalgia
  74. side effect of cyclophosphamide?
    • hemorrhagic cystitis
    • bladder cancer
  75. rx for cyclophosphamide induced hemorrhagic cystitis?
  76. rx for contraction alkalosis?
  77. in order for odds ratio to be valid what must happen?
    prevalence of disease is small
  78. what happens to odds ratio and relative risk when the prevalence of disease is low?
    they equal
  79. manifestation of glucagonoma?
    • hyperglycemia
    • erythamtous skin leasion
    • diarrhea
  80. bony spurs causing neurological deficits occur secondary to ?
    osteoarthtiris of the vertebra
  81. rx for ascites due to cirhosis?
    • sodium and fluid restriction
    • spironolactone
    • loops
    • frequent paracentesis
  82. who gets primary biliary cirhosis?
  83. best test for reocclusion?
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