1. The basic features of a map consists

    D) all
  2. a large scale map could have a scale of

    A) 1:50 000
  3. Maps designed to show information on one particular topic are called

    C) thematic maps
  4. an easting runs

    A) from the top to the bottom of a map
  5. What is the compass point that is halfway between S and NW

    D) WSW
  6. In which hemisphere is Ottawa located?

    B) SE hemisphere
  7. the rf scale of 1 cm to 8.6km

    C) 1: 860 000
  8. The features on general purpose maps are

    A. all
  9. Explain what the coordinate 20s and 30E is
    • 20 degrees south of the equator
    • 30 dgrees east of prime meridian
  10. people of mixed aboriginal and european decent are?
  11. a ___________ air mass is is most responsible for outbreaks of really mild weather (above 5C) in Ontario
    Maritime tropic
  12. What is used to compare the distance between points on a map with the actual distance on Earth's surface
    a scale
  13. a ____ scale is like a special kind of ruler that is divided into units of distnace
  14. What are the 3 ways scale is represented?
    • Direct statement scael; words used
    • Line scale: lines divided into units of distance that represent actual units on map
    • Representive Fraction scale: Scale on map given as a ration of distance on map to distance on ground
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