SAT Vocab Set #20

  1. Valedictory
    a farewell speech
  2. Validate
    confirm; corroborate; support; sanction
  3. Vapid
    dull; boring; lacking flavor or spark
  4. Veracity
  5. Verbose
    very talkative; loquacious
  6. Versatile
    having many talents or uses
  7. Vestige
    something left behind; a visible trace or evidence of something that has vanished
  8. Vilify
    defame; attack someone's reputation
  9. Virulent
    poisonous or destructive; filled with hate or anger; harsh
  10. Viscous
    resistant to flow, like a very thick liquid; or, sticky
  11. Volatile
    capable of evaporating, exploding, or changing moods very quickly
  12. Voluble
    comfortable with speech; always ready to talk
  13. Waive
    to voluntarily abandon a legal right or privilege; relinquish; postpone
  14. Wane
    grow gradually smaller
  15. Wanton
    excessive; uncontrolled; lustful
  16. Warranted
    justified; authorized
  17. Wastrel
    person who wastes his money or resources
  18. Wax
    grow gradually larger
  19. Wither
    dry out; shrivel up; lose life or energy
  20. Wizened
    old and wrinkled; withered
  21. Xenophobia
    the fear or hatred of anything foreign
  22. Yield
    give up; give in
  23. Yoke
    to link, or join together; marry
  24. Zealot
    someone with an extreme enthusiasm for a particular belief or activity; a fanatic
  25. Zenith
    the highest point; apex
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #20
SAT Vocab Set #20