SAT Vocab Set #18

  1. Sporadic
    occurring infrequently and without predictability; occasional
  2. Spurious
    false; fake; misleading
  3. Stagnant
    motionless; unchanging; dull
  4. Static
    unchanging; motionless
  5. Stealth
    secretive behavior
  6. Stoic
    a person who shows no response to pleasure or pain; someone who is impassive
  7. Stymie
    block; get in the way of; hamper
  8. Subjugate
    take over; enslave
  9. Sublime
    of very special quality; noble
  10. Subtle
    hard to see or understand; elusive
  11. Succinct
    short and to the point; concise
  12. Succor
    assistance; relief
  13. Sumptuous
    rich; magnificent
  14. Superfluous
    unnecessary; extra
  15. Surreptitious
  16. Sustain
    support; nurture; take on
  17. Sycophant
    someone who flatters in order to gain favor; wimpy follower
  18. Symmetry
    balance; having a similar appearance on all sides
  19. Taciturn
  20. Tangent
    a line that touches a curve at just one point; or, a comment that is off the main topic
  21. Tantamount
    equal; comparable
  22. Temper
    bring into balance; moderate
  23. Tenacious
    strong; persistent; determined to hold on
  24. Tentative
    not fully developed or definitely planned; provisional
  25. Tenuous
    thin; flimsy
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #18
SAT Vocab Set #18